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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Trying Something New~

Farah in the hackamore~
Farah just loves to chomp on her bit - especially when she's behind other horses, or when she wants to go faster than I want her to.  She wore through my original Mylar Combination bit Post.  I sent it to Mylar & they repaired it.  She also likes to pull, the first 15-miles of any ride that's about all she does - once we're past that - I have a Grand ride.

When we're out on our own, or in front she's perfect & so soft on a loose rein.  I've been thinking about my early days with Jas.  At our first endurance ride, she ran away with me for the first 15-miles - then another rider offered me a hackamore & said;  "She won't be doing that with this!"  He was right - the rest of the ride was much better & I could at least rate her.   I used it for several years, until after my accident, when Dean changed the way I did things & we went to the Combination bit.

Hackamore that I used with Jas~
Thinking of that experience - we went shopping for a hackamore.  I've been doing some research on the topic.  Even on the Mylar web site, they mention that if you're getting resistance - then back down to a smooth snaffle & begin retraining.  The type I used with Jas is still available, but I wanted something a little different.   I found it at the Bony Pony in Mt. Vernon. This one is a - Brittany Pozzi.  The shanks rotate & the nose-band is hinged.   I had to laugh when I put it on Farah today - she kept trying to find the bit!  I gave her some downward pressure with the reins & she instantly dropped her head.  She certainly gets the idea - we'll see how that translates under saddle just as soon as this  Monsoon weather clears!  I know that it's not a substitution for training - but she's a very forward mare & maybe a different type of communication is worth a try.


  1. That all sounds familiar, it's why I tried a Dr Cook (horse was frustrated for the first couple times "Where's the bit?? I have nothing to chew on!!!". I love the look of the hackamore. Did I miss something, where did you get it? Could you post a link to it?

  2. KT, I updated the post to answer your questions!


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