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Friday, December 4, 2015

Second Ride with the Stonewall Sport~

Harvey Creek~
 When we came down to the creek, no less than FOUR very large Bald Eagles lifted into the air & flew upstream!  Amazing!  I'd already dismounted & to adjust the cinch.  No one seems to make black leather latigo's so I was sent a brown one...  I didn't want that - Jackie is sending me black beta.  In the meantime I returned the brown one & was using one off my kid's saddle.  Not the best solution, making me thankful for the roller buckles on my Montana Cincha!
Here's one of the big guys~
We took the muddy route through the forest & over the bridge - I realized that we were being watched!  I zoomed in to get this shot, but he was pretty close!  There was - what I think - was a Huge female, bigger than this guy - or maybe a youngster - in a nearby tree.  No white at all & the head looked slightly different, wish the photo had come out.
 At the Stillaguamish~
Farah was Way too Full of Energy!  Way!  As we got past the bridge & onto the trail with enough rock that we usually walk it - I was suddenly grabbing leather as someone burst into a Full gallop in a split second!  Transition to a huge trot, we were wasting No time getting to wherever it was we were going!  None!
The Stonewall Sport
I finally figured out why I was so sore from my last ride...  You'd think after all the miles I've ridden I would wise up & raise my stirrups before I get sore?  I'd ordered a slightly longer fender, which resulted in longer straps - maybe I'll remember to measure my length one of these days.  Once I had the stirrups up where I had some bend in my leg - everything was Much better :-)
On the Whitehorse
It was beautiful out along the river, we went about 1/2 way to Arlington before I had to turn back.  The rock was a little settled & Farah was still wanting to trot, so we did with a short gallop thrown in.
Lots of silt in the river~
Eagles were on short sandbar tearing into something.  Didn't look like a Salmon - I doubt there are any & do wonder what the Eagles are doing for food this year?
The pretty part
Heading back, just past this point, two huge trees were down across the trail.  Someone had broken off some of the branches, I got off & Farah made both jumps.  At the Apache Junction corner, the sign was missing :-(  Such a shame, we all enjoyed it.  Again, Farah surprised me with another gallop, this time popping up & over 25-mph, in a very short sprint - with me asking for a slow down!  She seems to be the happiest she's ever been under any saddle & is letting me know :-) 
Sweat pattern
Today, she worked up a full sweat, for the  first time in weeks & weeks!  I had that feeling that the energy had built up & I was right!  Even with her winter coat, you can see that it's a very nice pattern.  The pad is no longer slipping out the back either - what a relief after all the times I had to re-position it while using the Classic loaner.  The saddle fits!

It was really a super ride - so mild that I ended up taking my coat off & riding in just my vest & thermal shirt.  Doubt I'll bother with the thermal - if our weather stays this mild!  


  1. Gorgeous pictures. Wish I could have ridden yesterday. Your saddle looks really comfortable.

    1. Thanks Barb! I love taking them :-) With a week of rain heading our way - doubt any of us will get out much... It really is comfy! Fingers crossed that it will work over time & miles!

  2. That saddle looks exceptionally comfortable! Gorgeous scenery as always. =)


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