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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Nature's Wrath~

Wrights & the Sauk
Our youngest daughter asked us to take a drive to see what was up with their abandoned property outside Darrington.  My first trip on November 2nd, I was shocked to see how much of the land between the yard & the river had eroded away.  During the course of the month, we made four more trips & with each - the river had taken more & more of the shoreline.  Our last trip,   November 22nd   it was obvious that the course of the river was changing.
Current toward shoreline~
Even though the level of the river was way down, the current was pointed right at the NE corner of what's left of the backyard.
Where the NE corner was~
It was impossible to even get photos from the same spots that I'd stood before - they're now gone!   With several inches of snow on the ground, we were careful not to walk too close to the undercut bank.  
Looking South upriver ~

 The raw look was only accented by the gray, cold December day.  Word is Seattle City Light may take over what's left of the property to include it in their conservation easement & do some planting to try to stop the erosion.  I find it doubtful that anything will stop this river from going where it wants.
Hopefully the house will sell soon & be moved somewhere far away from this river!


  1. Long ago the Cedar River jumped the levee and went directly through my friend's horse fields and through the barn, several feet high, and when the water receded, they had nothing in their pasture but mountains of smooth round river rock with telephone poles sticking out. They were able to dig out the barn, reinstall the fencing, smooth out the rock hills and put a feeble layer of topsoil on top, but it was so traumatizing they sold their farm and moved away where there was no river to get at them. So many natural disasters back home. Here, we mostly worry about the next nuclear accident.

  2. WOW. a worst nightmare for anyone who lives near a river bank.


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