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Friday, December 11, 2015

God's Magnificent Machine~

Three Fingers~
 A truly magnificent morning greeted most of us to the north of Seattle.  One of those days that are so rare this time of year - nothing to do - but appreciate & enjoy the gift.   It was time for Farah & I to get out & work out all the stuff that's been creeping up on us.  Over time, we'd become a little nasty to each other - Farah ripping the reins out of my hands to eat, me grabbing her face to pull her off the grass, to put a description on one issue.
Western Red Cedars - gone~
I have a bad habit of pushing...  I push myself & lately I've come to realize that I've been pushing my mare.  I've been so wrapped up in miles that I've lost some of the feeling of partnership that Farah & I had forged.  She was resisting in every way she knew - short of being dangerous or mean.  There have been our on-going the saddle issues, we've had those almost since our first days together.
Olympics from the Monument
I'd started her in a bit, just because.  I knew she didn't like it - resisted it, but I had confidence in it & my ability to control her with it.  After spending a sleepless night; I decided to throw it all away & make a fresh start.  No agenda At All - I've told myself that I don't ride with agenda's - but logging miles is what I'd call an agenda.  I'd backed off some this year, but the last two it's been the thing...
Farah with the Hackamore & Stonewall Sport
So, we went for a ride, just that - my girl felt the difference.  She relaxed & I could feel the difference in her.  When she wanted to graze, she didn't rip the reins from my hands.  When I wanted to go - I asked by moving the reins a little in my hands & she lifted her head - ready to move on.  For the first time in a very long while, we were both on the same page.
So Great to see the white of Snow on the peaks!
 The new saddle is making a huge difference for us both!  So very comfortable, sleek & the best part - it works!  Walking down the big hill - Farah was moving out at 5 mph., easily.  When we reached the end & turned for our trot & run back up - it was So Clean, So Easy & So Smooth!
Heading down from the top~
I literally didn't have to touch her face the entire ride.  I maintained contact, she did do the head drop & shake once, but half-hearted & only once!  Of course, when we go riding with others again - when the energy level goes up - that's when I usually have my hands full.
Fresh cut Cedar
We found one other area where the large Western Red Cedars had been cut.  We could smell it long before we got there!  Oh that Smell!  Certainly enough to put anyone in the holiday spirit!  We met one jogger, one gentleman with a huge beautiful dog - on leash & one hiker.  Back at the trailer, one of our Trailduster friends was heading out for a short ride.

Our horses are so forgiving of our human frailties...  I've been discussing our issues with a friend who's advice I greatly respect, she is suggesting more time in the arena.  I already look forward to the new year & forging a better bond with my mare-of-a-lifetime~


  1. When I saw the pic of the cut up cedar I thought, "Oh I bet that smelled wonderful!" and then you said it did: )

  2. I can smell it from here. Sad to see so many trees downed, though I suppose that's "progress".
    I'm sure Farrah appreciates your ongoing commitment & approach to achieving optimal comfort & enjoyment for the both of you.
    Such beautiful views you get to see on your rides; here it is mostly just bush, bush, & more bush.

  3. What a beautiful story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Connie, have you ever considered writing a book. That was wonderful!

  4. I really enjoyed your beautiful story! Have you ever considered writing a book? It is a wonderful story you told!


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