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Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Happy Place!

Tea Anyone?
Linda had been telling me about the amazing decorations & displays to be seen at Skagit Gardens in Mt. Vernon.  I usually make a trip south to Molbacks in Woodinville, or to Wights in Lynnwood with daughter Courtney for my seasonal fix.
Santa's Truck?
This year, Courtney was busy with her Duvall Market, but we may yet get a day out.  With days of rain & waking to slate gray mornings - Linda invited me up for lunch at Skagit Gardens!  Who would have thought that they'd have such a nice little place to eat?
Great Combination!
We enjoyed our first lunch so much, that we've continued to go the last couple weeks for our holiday attitude adjustment!  Not quite the same as the saddle time that we both usually require - but really fun to walk in to such a bright wonderful place, even on a pouring rain day!
A Beer Tree!
Really a great place to buy those unique Christmas gifts, or something to brighten up your porch planters during the Winter months.  In the barn off to the side is another great gift shop with a nice selection of clothing, purses & jewerly.
 Santa shops here too!
So, if you're looking for a bright spot in an otherwise dreary day - take a drive up north & spend a little time drinking in the ambiance!

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