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Monday, September 21, 2015

Fire Mountain Obstacle Course

Parking meadow~
It was foggy, cold & damp when I went up to the barn to get Farah.  Janelle had planned a Saddle-Up get together at Fire Mountain Friesians & Trail Training.  By the time I was three miles up the road, the sun had broken through the fog!  We met at the Starbucks off Cook Rd. & headed up from there.  Ten miles from I-5 to the farm.
Just part of the obstacle course~
Since this was the first visit for several of us, we had the mandatory orientation class first.  The cost for this is $30. with a $10. haul in fee.  The benefit, is that once you have taken the orientation class - for any future visits all you pay is the haul in fee!  You can take your horse & practice as much as you like, any day of the week!
Janelle on Duke pony a friends horse - coming out of the water obstacle :-)
 Most of us started with our horses in-hand.  Marilyn gave us some really great direction & guidance - plus a good description of how to approach each obstacle.
Checking out the noisy barrel :-)
 Farah remembered her prior expericnce with obstacles, trying to avoid those she doesn't like & rushing the ones she was familiar with :-)  She even tossed in a buck for flourish upon leaving the teeter-totter :-)
Farah with the ball~
Once I was in the saddle though - she did great!  Stopping in the middle of the Cowboy Curtain when I asked her, backing out of it etc.  She really enjoyed the ball!  Figured it out right away & tried to bite it :-)  By early afternoon, I was ready for lunch - so we went back to our trailer.  Several were leaving, but I wanted to see what the trails looked like.
Heading up~
We followed the path around the course, then went under the power lines & soon found a logging road.  It ended & there was a trail.  The trail ended at another logging road.  We followed it up & up & up.  No views & I wanted to see a view!
I'd stopped to adjust my saddle pad - when this guy flew out over us!  At first I thought he was a hawk, but as he turned to perch up here, I could see that he was a big owl!  Joyce always loves seeing owls & I instantly thought of her & wished she were with us!
This was as far up as we got before reaching a dead end
Soon, we came to a very large pile of gravel & the end of the road.  Zoomed in a little, we could see the top of the mountain.
As we turned back, standing in my stirrups - we did get a view!  My Garmin stats said that we'd climbed to 1,083 feet.  On our way down Lynn called me, she was back from her ride with friends & saw that my rig was the only one left in the meadow!  Thanks for checking up on me Lynn!
At the back gate~
 We got back down, found the back gate & took a little off-shoot trail that went toward the river that we could hear.  I was really curious, since most of the creeks & little rivers are so dry this year, yet I heard rushing water.
Full of glacial silt
It was Beautiful!  Just beautiful to see so much running water, but I realized seeing the gray color of the water, that it was full of glacial silt...  This can't be a good thing...  I think it means that the glaciers on Mt. Baker are melting down to nothing...  There were piles of gray slit along the banks of the river...
Where we were~
Back at Fire Mountain, I zoomed in to see the same clear-cut that we'd spotted from the mountain.  I'd love to come back & do some more exploring to see if we could get to the top.  We were indeed the last rig there by the time we got back :-)
Our Route
 Super day, so fun to spend time with friends!

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  1. That's such a nice trail course with lots of variety isn't it? I rode Sugar a ways up behind the course at orientation too but it was really wet and rainy so didn't go too far but I would love to explore a little more back there. I've got several gift certificates for free haul in if you are ever up here again and want to do some exploring :)


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