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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Under Tin Bridge~

Farah & Destry
When I rode through Pat's yard last night - we made plans to ride today!  I hadn't been to Bracken for a while, so that's where we headed.  First time in a long time that just the two of us have ridden together.  Our mares actually got on well - Destry can really walk out & Farah enjoyed some training on being in the rear!  At one point when Pat was teaching Destry to collect up, I asked Farah & instantly got a response!  She settled in today & really seemed to enjoy going out with a friend.
At the Stillaquamish
We took the long way & headed to the river.  From there I wanted to go far enough to see Tin Bridge - since the water is so low.  A little higher than it has been with last nights decent rain.
Pat & Destry
It's hard to believe that Destry is already 17-years old & that Pat was riding her dam when I was riding Alexi.  How the years have flown by...
Tin Bridge
It was pretty dramatic to see the bridge from the river bed!  A view that's not often seen - if it's ever been, with the river at historic lows...
Nice current still~
We stopped here for quiet a while, the sound of the water so soothing...  Farah almost went to sleep - until Pat saw a piece of wood sticking under the back edge of her left front shoe.  I tried using my hoof pick, no luck.  It was really jammed in under the brand new shoe.  Next - I pulled out Dad's Leatherman tool.  We'd bought it for him many years ago & I found it still in it's original box.  I've carried it on my saddle since - today saw it's first use.  Pat pried, I pried - we took turns...  Finally we got one piece out that would have pierced her frog...  We kept at it & finally got the final piece out!  Both horses just stood (Farah on three legs :-) enjoying the perfect day.
Looking up~
We started back, crossed the bridge & had our lunch at Cloverdale.  There - we found that someone has been working on the Whitehorse - pink paint sprayed in spots - & the trail is being hacked through!
Lots of Japanese Knotweed...
We started following the path - & I use the term loosely...  We soon came to a section where there was a deep ditch mostly hidden under the weeds.  Farah's rear dropped into a deep hole - she pulled us out.  At that point we could get up onto the rail bed - wisely deciding to turn back.  With the meeting coming up this week - after having summer off, I'm anxious to see how the schedule looks - to get this section in!
Stunning Vine Maple
Heading back, this vine maple gave us the first taste of what I hope will be the blaze of fall colors to come.  Since the leaves have been falling for weeks now, due to the drought - it will be interesting to see just how much color we get.

Farah came back relaxed & happy - as did we!  My favorite time of year to ride, I hope the weather give us both badly needed rains & those bright, crisp days of Fall!

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