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Friday, September 18, 2015

Visit to Wrights~

It was just after 6 p.m. when we left home to make the drive south to visit our youngest daughter's new home near Astoria.  Leaving late, we hoped to circumvent the worst of the southbound Friday traffic & we did!  We'd been on the road for just over four-hours when we made a turn off Hwy 30 & headed down a steep hill in the pitch black.  I'd tried to memorize the turns we'd need to take & we didn't miss a one.  Jentry was waiting out front - with a flashlight to show us where to park. 

Butch couldn't get us straight enough to make it in the pasture gate, (mailbox in the way) so since there was a nice wide, grassy shoulder - we parked there.  The stars were just amazing!  The kids live far enough out - that lights from town don't interfere.
Two little pixies greet us Sat. morning!
After a super breakfast, we packed up, all fit in the kids van & Joe took us on a tour of the beautiful  countryside that they now call home!  The waterways all lead from then return to the Columbia River.  There were some old fishing shacks & boat docks along the shoreline.
 From there, it was on to Fort Stevens!  It had been years since we'd visited these beaches.  As we were driving through the park, we spotted this herd of Elk, with the big Bull, so I had to get a photo!
Bull Elk & cows
It was just a short hike up the dunes to the beach~  Papa gave Josie a lift!
Papa & Josie
It's also a horse friendly beach, I might add - since we met a horsewoman heading down as we were going back up!  She said you can go at least six-miles & that there were dune trails further south.
Skyla & Ben in the surf~
It was a slightly hazy afternoon, warm though!  I was amazed at how warm the water was!  Almost tropical warm?  We played in the surf & played in the sand until the girls got cold :-)
Daddy warms Josie up & Skyla too :-)
From the beach, we drove on to Astoria.  Beautiful windows, interesting shops ~
Window shopping!
A literal plethora of Distilleries & Breweries too!
On almost every street!
Our taste trends towards the breweries of course :-)
Unique tank!
We decided to try the beer at the Fort George Brewery.  What a Great building!
View from our table~
We enjoyed our beer, Ben & the girls - root beer!   Chips & salsa too - we were hungry after the beach!
Liberty Theater
Walking through town was fun - lots of shops, friendly shopkeepers - a place we'd always intended to visit & now had a reason to!  It was getting late, the girls were tired & we were ready to head back.  Jentry made fish & chips for dinner - how many ways can you say Yum?!  Fish is always fresher when you're on the coast!

The day ended with a big bonfire & s'mores!

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