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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Last Day at Wrights~

Our camp spot :-)
With over two fenced acres to run, it had only taken Rascal five minutes to dig out at the gate & head down the road to visit the neighbors goat!  That little mistake put him on his cable for the weekend!  Nika, so loyal - when she isn't beating up on him - stayed close :-)  We woke to light rain, but the day soon cleared. 
Skyla & Josie in their playroom~
I had packed up all the toys that we've had in the house since Ben was a baby & they filled four boxes & a big bag!  The girls were thrilled with all the loot & it was so much fun to know that the toys we've played with for so long - will get a second life & be played with again!
Getting ready to leave~
We're so thankful that Joe has found a job where he's appreciated & has the opportunity to add to his small engine skills - now outboard motors too.  That - in a beautiful area, where they'll have plenty of new places to explore.
View from the back deck~
 I took my tea out & enjoyed the views from the back deck.  Beautiful, serene & a light breeze.  Perfect. 
A last performance :-)
It's always so hard to say good-by...  The girls danced on top of their camping trailer before we left :-)
At least now we know what a great place they've found & it's close enough that we can visit a few times a year.  Ben had taken the train down for the weekend, then rode home with us.
Going up onto the bridge~
We were back on the road by noon, the traffic found us at the river.
Back to Washington~
 From there, we were in heavy traffic.  Joyce & I had been texting as we'd driven past her exit off I-5 on the way down.  Joyce invited us to stop by on our way home & we couldn't pass up the opportunity to see where she'd settled.  It was 1-1/2 hours north from the Wright's - near Chehalis.  Another beautiful home in a rural farming area.  We would have loved to stay & enjoy the afternoon - but after too short a visit, we were back on the road, back into the traffic - that lasted all the way north.  So heavy - it was after six p.m. by the time we dropped Ben off in Everett & another half hour until we pulled in the drive.

Always good to go & always good to get home!

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