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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fun Times!

It's so seldom that we get to enjoy a visit from two of our favorite Grand-kids - that we took every advantage!  Arriving late on Fri., we went to the Barbecue Bucket in Granite to pick up a yummy dinner to go!  Next - was a movie, one the kids had never seen & we hadn't seen for many years - the original Incredible Journey, narrated by Rex Allen.  The story was as wonderful as we remembered & so fun to see it through the fresh eyes of another generation.
Mason, Papa & Cassidy
Saturday morning, these three were engulfed in a game of Uno!  I made breakfast, pumpkin french toast, sausage, cantaloupe, hot chocolate etc.  It was a gray, overcast morning - I had a hike in mind :-)  A hike with a purpose, since Butch was toting the chain saw again.
Cassidy & Mason
The kids were amazed at the size of the root ball on the blown down Cottonwood.  We continued on up the trail, this time quite a way further, until we came to the tree that had blocked Farah & my path last week.
The kids show the height of the tree :-)
Just a little on the high side for even Farah to jump :-)
Down it goes!
Butch made quick work of the tree, after lugging his McCullough up for the second time in just over a week.  Now, we're clear all the way to the power lines.  We walked on, the kids enjoyed seeing the beaver pond, now almost empty of water.  Then walked along the top of the beaver dam hoping to see a beaver - but they were taking the day off :-)
Glider leaving for Arlington
We were back home just in time to see the three gliders that had landed at the little airfield just down the hill - getting a tow back north to the Arlington airport.  The day gave us a little drizzle - but no real rain.

Hungry after our hike, it was time for lunch - afterward we sat down to a cut-throat game of Uno!  Butch read the rules & found that the kids hadn't been playing as the rules suggested.  We all agreed to try it using the rules that come with the game.  Even making that change - Cassidy Still Won!  :-)

After a hearty dinner of porcupine meatballs, spaghetti, & cheesy bread - time for one more movie on Papa's Big screen.  This time, Far From Home - I can't say enough about what fine entertainment this movie was!  We all loved it!  Mason decided that if he were hungry enough - he would eat bugs too!  Cassidy said she would stick to fishing!  :-)
Sunday morning latte & hot chocolate!  Nika too!
We had big plans for today, Sunday - breakfast in Arlington - followed by a visit to Haller Park, to play on the new equipment - then a walk on the Whitehorse trail.  Our plans were foiled by those pesky parents, who decided to come back early :-(  The visit was Way too short!  We had Way too much fun!  Plenty to look forward to next time!

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