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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Clearing "MY" Trail~

Cottonwoods Down~
Late this afternoon, we finally got time to hike up to where the Cottonwoods had come crashing down - closing off the main trail I use to access the rest of my trail system to the power lines...  Butch carried the chain saw, me the big loppers.  Since we were walking, I took the opportunity to try to do all the damage I could to anything that stuck out!  Cutting it back as far as I could - everything that's out of reach with my hand pruners when I'm in the saddle.
Butch & his McCulloch
Once we were up to the Cottonwoods, Butch started with the largest first - the one that we couldn't get over at all, then worked his way back to the ones we could.  I'm not supposed to be lifting or exerting myself for another week yet - but tossing limbs wouldn't be called that would it?  Butch asked why we hadn't just gone around - but he was jesting with me - just to see if I'd get riled :-)  There was No way around, deep wetland on both sides & more trees that had fallen blocking that anyway.
Almost done~
 I took this photo just before we moved the large pieces from the final cut log.  It took a while to knock it out.  On the way back, I started in on all the small Alder & all the branches that are usually in our faces.  The problem with the small Alder - is that it's the perfect ladder for the blackberry vines to grow up.  That puts the thorny vines right at face height - both mine & Farah's.  By the time we were back to the last section of trail down to where we'd parked the truck, I was missing more than I was cutting - time to quit!  There is though - something deep down satisfying about hacking away at overgrown trail.  When you're done - you feel like you've really accomplished something - even if it's only a couple miles.  In this instance though, that couple miles opens up over ten more.

Thanks to my husband - for his help!  Now - we're ready to go again!

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