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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Cottonwoods down~
After lunch - since the rain had stopped, I checked the hourly weather report.  It showed a couple hours without rain - enough time for me to get up onto our trails.  I'd been anxious to see how things had fared after Saturday's big wind & rain storm.  Things were soaked & it wasn't long, until I felt water seeping into my boots!  Whoops - forgot to change to my waterproof pair!
One of the biggest Cottonwoods, uprooted~
The area where these Cottonwoods grow is one of my favorite places...  Looming over the trails for the 25+ years I've ridden here, they survived a lot of wind - but this last storm was a doozie.  All the water that usually covers the low spots - has been dried up for over two-months.  Even so - the wind was strong enough that it took the top off one tree & dropped this one to the ground.  They didn't look high - we got over the first with just a hop.  The second though - required moving a lot of large limbs & debris.  Farah attempted a leap, but there was one big dead branch sticking out sideways - just enough that she couldn't clear it & make the jump.  She reared up, cleared her legs & backed away.  This will require a chain saw - that will require about a two-mile hike...  So - we headed the other way...
We found what I knew we would...  Houses going in like a blight on the land.  The beautiful trails we had here are now paved over...  An ATV had pushed a path through the brush & around the gate.  We took it & cut right - up our old trail to the power lines.  The rain moved back in - within minutes we were soaked.  I put my raincoat on - but my shirt was already wet.
Bottom access to the Power Lines~
With the gate closed & ecology blocks at both ends, there's no way for us to get around.  The old tiny trail that Khari & I had made years ago, was so grown over that I didn't want to try it to get around.
On our way back-
A new sign - that bodes no good news for me...  Their "Future Road Extension" will be what's left of "my" trails...  I was wondering today if the trails would last until we make our retirement move...  Somehow - I doubt it.  That will be so devastating to me - that - our move will be even more welcome.

With our old "Running Hill" totally overgrown & washed out - we still tried to take it & connect with our usual route to the power lines...  About half-way up - it was So bad that my head about got taken off my neck!  Farah instantly stopped even before I could ask her.  Nothing to do but turn back yet again. Once on our road, with no one around - we went up to the top - onto a short trail, just to see if there might be a way through now?  No - blocked by brush.
I tried taking a video with my camera & was actually surprised at how good it came out :-)  We were both soaked to the bone by the time we got home, but boy-oh-boy was it Wonderful to get out!  The air smelled like the Cottonwoods & was just So Fresh & clean!

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  1. oh, the big tree down is so sad, but the development is terrible. Sometimes "progress" doesn't seem very forward when we lose beautiful places.


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