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Friday, September 25, 2015

Many Shades of Gray~

Those Views~
Besides the joy of riding a good horse, it's the views that come with the climbs that I live for.  We went to see Unbranded  last evening & it was just as advertised - a really great, true life adventure.  Even though those cowboys broke through some nasty trail (I'm sure we didn't see the half of it.) they too - rode for those views, as well as the miles, I'm sure.  P.S.  They stole my favorite quote that is at the top of this blog!  :-)
Linda took Suzanne & I on a route using almost all trail.  She & Scott had worked an entire day - on five different trails, cutting out the fallen trees all over the mountain.  Retirement does Not mean a lack of work for these two horsemen & trail enthusiasts! 
Farah sees a change :-)
When you think of the miles of trails that are enjoyed by So many riders in this area - then the few who actually work to maintain them - it's incredible what that volunteer effort accomplishes.  The bike group has put in a "new" trail, of course - as usual in the hope that the horses won't use it.  I have to ask - since they ride ALL of the trails that were originally cut through by horse people - for horses - wouldn't it be grand if they realized that it's we who share with them?
Suzanne & Linda
Suzanne was riding her stallion Saber & Farah was in cycle :-)  Of course - isn't that always the way?  Her first time out with a stallion & Count had the job of staying between them :-)  Farah was very interested, in the handsome gray - but behaved herself, as did Saber.  Suzanne said he had a tough time watching the silver tail swaying back & forth :-)
Many Shades of Gray
  I put my rain coat on the back of the saddle, so I wouldn't need it & we did the entire ride without a single rain drop...  There's good & bad in that...  We need rain so very bad.  As I said - if it was going to be cloudy & gray - then we really should have the rain.  Regardless, after several miles of fine trail, some very steep down hill & steep up - Farah is loving the Stonewall as much as I am.
Our route
I've ordered a pad from Stonewall, anxious to get it & adjust my rigging in the hope that it will stay put!  We arrived back home to find two of our favorite Grand-kids waiting with their parents!  The parents are off for a anniversary weekend retreat, while Mason & Cassidy get to spend the weekend with us!  Yippee!  Farah got Lots of carrots & peppermint treats :-)  Let the fun begin :-)

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