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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Where Giants Live~

Following the trail~
Thursday & retrospective;  it's been a couple years since I've spent much time in the woods.  Riding has been a priority since discovering that I enjoy it so much more when on Farah's back.   During the heat of summer, when it's been so dry, dusty & buggy - the motivation to do any work up there, was hard to come by.  One day when I had both Ben & Maddi - we spent several hours pruning & cutting back the Salmonberry to make the trails more passable.
Almost to Homestead Hill~
These last few days - after the storm, I've been going up every morning - picking up the numerous branches that came down.  Luckily - nothing too big or damaging.  Now that my sister & her family have gone home, I've reminisced about how quickly the time with them went.  All the things that we didn't get to do...  Never enough time to fit everything in.  One of the things that didn't happen, was a woods walk.
On the hill~
We did spend one morning sitting on the swing, drinking tea & coffee.  Watching one-year old Johnathan take in all the green was fun, but we didn't walk the trails.
Remnants of the storm~
They are littered with the debris of the forest.  The small pieces of Western Red Cedar branches are everywhere.  Now I wonder if we'll get the usual shedding of rusty red pieces that usually drop off in the fall.
Nika leads the way~
As did Kitt, Nika has taken up the task of keeping me company on my walks.  She too, will sometimes disappear into the green, only to reappear as if by magic.
West Woods~
A couple of our largest Washington Red Cedars are up here, I love the feeling of presence that they exude.  I like sitting up here in the evenings, as the sun sets over the ridge behind us & the shadows get long & dark.
First water in the creek~
Here too, is where the creek enters our property at the NW corner.  I was thrilled to see that it's now holding water & starting to flow!  Usually this doesn't occur until mid-Sept.
Heading east on Squirrel Trail Trail~
Squirrel Tail Trail goes west/east, along the south edge of our property, which is also the road side.  Maintaining this shade is the reason I'm so adamant about any tree pruning that the power company wants to do.  They have me pegged as a "sensitive customer" & it's been a standing joke for years.
Our three largest Black Cottonwoods~
Soon, we round a corner & the creek meets up with the trail again - here is where the Giants live...
Looking up~
When we first broke our way through these woods, we stood in awe looking up at these trees.  Now, twenty-five years later - they've grown & we've grown older.  It's almost funny the change in my thinking that has occurred in those years.  I take the time to value even the small things, oh so much more than I used to.  Having at least part of our family close is beyond value.  I'm thankful that Ben comes to visit as much as he does, even now that he's a teenager!
I hurt more when I feel slighted & have come to realize - mostly since the institution of Facebook - that in truth, though I have several hundred friends there, in reality - I can count my true friends on the fingers of one hand.
These trees, these woods are my salvation - as nature has been to me since childhood, when I would hike up the first ridge as we called it - on my way home from elementary school in Boulder.
My two trusty companions~
 We were so lucky to find the right spot on planet earth to spend our middle-years!  Listening to the Aspen leaves outside my window as I write this, the wind chimes making music in tune with the breeze...  Farah whinnying to be let out to roam...   The richness of each day, changeable as the weather & unique unto itself~

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  1. A wonderful insite to one of your days honey. Only wish I could sit with you on the swing for coffee some a.m.
    Lv, mom


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