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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

First Day of Fall - Almost!

Bracken Ferns turning color~
Farah & I headed out on our own today - I wanted to stretch out the area that I'm trying to memorize.  I'm still sad to have lost one of my favorite riding partners.  It was fun last Sunday, to be the first visitors to Joyce's new home & see where her trails will go! 
Heading down to Harvey Creek
 Bright sunshine, light breeze - a literally perfect first day of Fall...  The best riding weather imaginable & only a few trailers in the parking lot.  Farah was in a good mood today - the Stonewall is working so very well for us both, making me anxious to get mine!  I'm still playing with the rigging.  Jackie said to either have it on the pad or below the pad.  I like it on the pad, but when I raised it again - it puts it under my knee.  It really didn't seem to bother me - even there.
The usual breeze at the River~
I went ahead & ordered a pad from Stonewall, that will fit the saddle.  When it comes, I'm going to see where the rigging works best.  Of course adjusting it - makes a difference in the length of cinch too.  I'm using my 26" right now, but may yet order a shorter one.  The only problem I've had, if you can call it a problem - is the pad slipping out the back.  Today - with the rigging on the pad - it stayed in place better.
The beautiful white rock, under water in the north fork of the Stillaquamish!
If you check out my post from our last ride here, you'll see what this rock looks like & of course now we know why :-)  This spot is such a peaceful place, Farah & I enjoyed it.  She has it figured out now - first we're under the bridge, next we're up on it!
Over Tin Bridge
No yellow jackets this season - sweet relief!  We went on across, up to Cloverdale - no changes yet, just the spots where the survey crew has been checking to see where a straight rail bed needs to be re-established.  This is spite of a landowner who is unhappy with the trail going through.  Over the years - there have been a lot of those...
There are off-set survey marks~
The infamous "hole" is just to the left, in the trees - where the rail bed ballast was stolen.  We didn't go this way today...  I'm hopeful that it won't be too long until this section sees some work!
The rock ballast ~
I usually walk the half-mile of ballast that gets us to Cloverdale & let me say - it's No Fun.  It also goes on forever, which I found out when I rode to the Cicero Bridge.  There's just no way that the trail is going to be getting much use At All - until all this ballast is mitigated with a top dressing of fine rock or sand.
At our meeting last week, this was discussed & it is on the work schedule - but with everything else going on - no date has been set.  There's only four bridges left to deck - so hopeful those will get done before the year end - when the funds will dry up.  I also found out that currently there are No funds for the bridge grating that was supposed to be installed to prevent slipping.   Not sure yet how to tackle that obstacle.  Guess getting it all OPEN is the first priority - & that is now pushed back from the middle, to the end of next year...

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