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Monday, September 7, 2015

Curve of the Earth~

From Stimson Hill
Another - cool gorgeous late Summer day!  All in all, the last of a very nice string of days comprising our Labor Day Weekend.  Today - I rode with Joyce, Charlotte, Mel & Mel's friend Heather.  The ride plan was for Stimson Hill.  We started out mid-morning & wondered early on if the big gray thunderheads with white billowing edges would drop rain?  No, they just continued to sail overhead as we started the climb.

Heading up~
 Farah was Very full of herself, more time spent airborne than moving forward.  Happy to be out with Target, Jesse was ignored :-)  I was anxious for the climb - hoping it would take a little of the edge off.  I was disappointed - she continued to be handful for most of the ride.
Views open~
We took the more gradual roads on the assent - everyone enjoying the day, the bright sunshine & a ride through this amazing country.
Heather, Charlotte, Joyce & Connie (Thanks Mel for taking the photo)
Just below Barbara's Bench, we stopped for photos.  Heather's Quarter Horse hadn't signed up for the ride he was doing on this day :-)  This was my fourth ride in the Stonewall Classic & longest to date.  It's such a welcome relief to be riding in a comfortable, no issue saddle again.  I can feel Farah walk out better than ever & her transitions - if you could call them that today- were totally fluid. 
Clear-cut at Victoria, just behind the little tree in the middle~
Once you get this high - it seems so strange to be looking so far down.  Seeing Victoria below gives you the perspective.  Looking down, from up high has always been one of my favorite things :-)
Joyce, Charlotte, Heather & Mel~
We reached the apex of the climb, then went on out toward the ridge for a way.  We used to be able to drop down & get back to Joyce's - but those roads are now closed off.  Instead, we turned & started back.
Going Down~
It's steep & it's amazing - we dismounted for most of the way~
Target looking for Farah, Joyce, Charlotte & Jackson
 Joyce said that Target worried if Farah got out of his sight :-)  They touched noses several times & he is not intimidated by her antics.  We took the short-cut coming down, it was overgrown - but both Joyce & I were surprised that the blackberry weren't as bad as we'd expected.  The trees are getting all enough to shade more of the area where they've been known to get ten-feet high. 
Our route
This ride is still one of the best around.  Tough & hard - but I'd do that most any day to experience the high country views.  I've been so jealous of some of the views that I've seen from our eastern, WA derby riders & am determined to go visit & see them for myself!  Until then - I'll stay more than satisfied with the ones that are in our backyard :-)

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  1. I'm pretty sure Farah was doing Airs Above The Ground for much of the ride!


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