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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Flying High - Second ride in the Stonewall~

The way out~
Today, I unexpectedly had the opportunity to ride again.  Short notice - I missed Pat, so out from home.  Jackie called, I'd sent her a few photos & she made suggestions.  No thick pad - just a saddle blanket this time.  I'm so used to using thick pads to mitigate saddle fit that it seemed strange to just have the blanket. 
It was warm today & pretty humid, bugs weren't too bad - the cooler nights have helped that.  I'm enjoying those cool nights & brisk mornings - harbinger to fall.  Once we were on the trails - Farah just took off!  I couldn't believe it!  On a section where she doesn't usually trot - we not only trotted, we flew!  Even on the overgrown, twisty trail almost 10 mph.  She was the happiest I think I've ever seen her under saddle - the most relaxed I've ridden her - probably ever...  I was just along for the ride.
Breeze on the water~
Once we were on the top of the ridge, we picked up a nice cool breeze.  Enough to put ripples on the wetland - beautiful.  Farah broke into a gallop - then picked up speed & when I asked her to slow down for the rock, she dropped down, in one stride & right into a 5 mph. walk!  She felt loose, I felt loose & we were in sync :-)
The road home~
I called Jackie to tell her how happy we both are.  I'm going ahead & placing my order - sadly the trees for the Sport are on order, so that will slow my order down.  I started Farah out in the Meridian Saddle - then, when it was sent to Everett for a new tree, started using Linda's.  That lasted the year wait for the McClintock.  (I was saddened to hear of Garry's passing...  At the height of his craft, I doubt there were many who made any finer saddles.)
Racy sweat pattern too :-)
 Now, I wish I'd followed that nagging urge to order a Stonewall way back when...  It would have saved me a lot of grief & money too. For the first time in our partnership - four years strong, we're finally Good to Go!  Hallelujah!
P.S.  Jackie said today that when I get my new saddle, this one will be listed on eBay.  If anyone in my area would like to try it - I can lend it out.  It would be perfect for a small person or young rider.  The price is really reasonable too.  Try it - you'd like it!  :-)


  1. I'm so glad you found one that fits! The infamous Glass Slipper :)


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