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Sunday, August 23, 2015

First Ride - Stonewall Classic

Farah in the Stonewall~
The Stonewall arrived in Thursdays mail!  Though I didn't have time to ride, I did take the time to put my saddle bags on it - using the stirrup hangers to snug down the side straps - which worked Great.  Plenty of pommel to attach my front little bag too.  Still waiting - over a month now, for my new reins for the black headstall, breast collar & running attachment - from Hought.  The good news, is that they're supposed to go out in tomorrows mail.
At the power lines~
There's now so much smoke rolling in - that you not only see it, but smell it too...  With the high humidity - it's staying low to the ground.  Today - as I went to saddle Farah - she gave me a look - like "Oh... another saddle."  I was hesitant too, it looks so small & light - which it is!  The minute I sat down - I was relieved that it had the feel & seat that I like!  I missed my bucking rolls, but didn't have any 180's to test it on - that's always fine with me :-)
Smoke over the wetland~
The smoke only got thicker the longer we were out.  With my sister & her family visiting - our time was limited, so we did our short loop.  When I'd spoken to Jackie last week, she said;  "I don't even think about my saddle when I'm riding."  That impressed me - since saddles are about All I've thought about for more time than I Want to think about...
Farah is happy :-)
Funny thing was - we were both happy - enjoying the ride.  I was comfortable!  Comfortable!  Worth saying twice at least!  :-)  It obvious that Farah liked it too - the trot was fast, the walk was fast & the gallop had the usual buck - but then smoothed out.  None of the head tossing or shoulder lifts that I had on my last ride - which acted as a refresher reminding me why we're still on this hunt...   The feel of the seat was different, of course, but nice - very nice - nothing that bothered me & I rode with without any seat pad.  My legs were in the right position - & the freedom of movement was just as good as in Linda's, which has the most freedom of any saddle I've ridden to date.
Water in the new Beaver Pond
It was hot, 80+, humid & with the smoke, it's pretty miserable out - on what should be a beautiful sunny Sunday.
When I unsaddled, there was a very nice, even sweat pattern - the saddle had stayed put & I'd had no problem mounting, even using the woolback.  The rigging is lower than what I'm used to, just low enough to sit on the edge of the pad.  I had to find a 26" cinch, my 28" was too long.  I'm going to raise it just a couple notches next ride & try the Supracore under it.  Since this saddle was completely refurbished - all the new sheepskin will settle in a few more rides - right now it's almost bouncy :-)
Mt. Pilchuck - under the smoke~
 On our way back, the smoke was so thick that I could hardly see a block away.  This view is a first for me - the mountain totally obscured by the smoke...  Seeing all this here - I can't help but continue to worry about all the people on the other side of these mountains - with fires burning & their homes at risk...  Then - if we stop to think of the displaced wildlife...  Lucky if only displaced...

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  1. The smoke looks so yucky. Sadly, we're used to days where the smoke is too thick to ride. But I'm happy that the first ride in the new-to-you saddle was a success, I hope you find the saddle you DON'T have to think about, as it should be!


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