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Monday, August 17, 2015

Out from Home~

Water coming off the big wetland~
I hadn't ridden since the 5th & was having withdrawals!  I'd hoped to have a working saddle by now & of course couldn't get up the get-up & Go to ride in the 90 degree heat.  Since today was supposed to be the cooler of the next couple days, we headed out.  I used Linda's saddle, with the new gel seat pad that I'd picked up.  Even though I could still feel the rock hard seat under it, I was amazed at how well it worked!  Just enough cushion to keep my seat bones from hurting!
At Little Pilchuck Creek
Walking up the big hill to the trails, I felt pretty good.  The neighbor who's yard we ride through had cleared all the way to the fence, wiping out our little trail, empty bags, branches, etc. littered our way.  We got through - but now I need to go visit & see if we'll still have our access.  They are such nice people I'm sure we will.  The afternoon just kept getting warmer...  with the humidly climbing as we entered the woods.  It took a LOT of blackberry cutting!  They've loved the heat & rain from last week - growing feet in days!  I didn't plan to make any time & we couldn't.  At one point, Farah stopped, then turned her head to her side.  I looked down & saw where one vine I'd cut was hanging off the back of the saddle & on her side!  Such a good girl :-)
The hill between us & home~
On our way to the far end of our range - we saw just a tiny break in the bushes that looked like a trail?  We dropped down off the road to take it.  It dropped again, but was passable.  Within just a short way - it came to an abrupt end - at a huge dug hole!  Very strange & I decided that I didn't like being there!  We turned back & Farah leaped the short hills to get us up & out!  I started feeling the heat...  feeling sick...  I'd taken an electrolyte, but after I'd started, not before.  I was drinking my water too, but it wasn't helping.
Pilchuck, dry, dry, dry~
For whatever reason, Farah has gotten scared every time we've come out here...  Since she'd been so good the entire way - it surprised me.  From the clear-cut, looking back at our trail I could feel her heart pounding!  Our trail back, in the shade. looked dark & ominous - but I couldn't see a thing moving.
You can just see a tower up Jim Creek~
She'd walk a step or two, stop - look - then walk again.  Once we were back on the trail, she wanted to trot & I was up for that - more wind in my face.  I let her stop for a couple bites & she settled more, finally hitting her we're out of here walk!  By the time we'd reached the new beaver pond, I had to get off & lay flat.  Just slightly recovered, I remounted & didn't get off again until Pat's when I had gates to open.
Our route~
I continued on foot up the hill & home, so very happy that Butch was ahead of me & took Farah.  Shower & collapse for an hour to recover enough to finish up dinner & sit out to enjoy the evening.  Whatever it is that does this to me - it's not gotten any better, even as my fitness has increased...  No Fun...  I did get an email from Jackie, that the re-furbished Stonewall is on it's way!

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