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Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Early Days~

I have our oldest daughter to blame for this post!  :-)  I was visiting this week on Grandson Mason's 14th birthday!  We were talking about how quickly the kids are growing up.  Courtney asked if next time they visit, I could pull out the old photo albums to show the kids how things were when their mother was their age.  Cassidy will be 12 in Oct.!  I seldom write about the past, or personal stuff - but those albums reminded me of how far we've come~
10/81 Grand Tetons, WY
When Butch & I found each other - lives changed.  He was happy & I was happiest I'd been since the girls were born.  That happiness was so big & wide - that it colored our world!  We decided to make a clean break & leave Colorado for Butch's home state of Washington.  He promised us both mountains & an ocean!  (The girls & I had never seen an Ocean!)  The above photo was taken on our drive out.  (Courtney was 12, Jentry 4)
July 82, Wallace Falls~
By the time we arrived, our funds were running out & we both were desperate for work!  Butch found a job as maintenance on a large apartment property, I found one working for Gloria Marshall Figure Salon, both in Lynnwood.  Luckily - an apartment came with Butch's position.  We were poor, but we had a roof over our heads, food on the table & it didn't cost anything but gas money to go out & enjoy the incredible state that we now called home!
October 82, LaPush, WA
We were oh so lucky in so many ways...  We both worked with some great people - who became life-long friends.  By October of 82, we married - to the great relief of our families :-)  Mom came out for the wedding & we had to take her to the coast!  She's in the red hat :-)
July, 83 The 59 Bel Air - a gift from Butch's grandparents :-)
We left our jobs to move to Bremerton, we both had job offers with a substantial increase in income - but they didn't pan out.  We loved living on the peninsula & were lucky enough to rent a cute little house from a couple who - we scared at first, when they found us tearing apart the kitchen.  Soon though, they realized that it was in fact - an improvement!  :-)  Guy & Mary Ann are to this day some of our favorite people!  Soon - word that we were again "In the market" for a building to manage had traveled & we were offered a property in Bellevue.
February 84, at Bellepark East  (I'd made the "Holly Hobby" dress for Courtney - now it fit Jentry!)
Finally - we had our very own multi-family building to manage!  We took the ball & ran with it, never looking back!  We gained a reputation for turning around the most difficult properties & from that point on - worked at buildings that were owned by the management company that employed us.
Thanksgiving 89 - Harbor Point
A few years went by, we moved up from small properties to larger ones.  Butch left to work in commercial construction.  I continued my education & began managing a large condominium portfolio that included buildings in Mercer Island & Bellevue.  We purchased our own house in Marysville, to use as a rental - eventually turning the gains we made there into the purchase of the Homestead.

It was on a wish list that we'd written up in the early days of our marriage & the day we moved to the country, it was checked off that list!  Now, 34 years later, our two daughters have blessed us with five wonderful grand-kids, who are too busy to come as often as we'd like!   The world, has indeed, moved on~

P.S. I took all the photos with a tripod & the camera's timer :-)


  1. Love, LOVE this post! Always so fun to hear a little of the back story :)
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  2. This was a really fun post :)


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