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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

On Our Own - Victoria~

Again...  Are people able to read?
The note I found
It's just hard for me to believe that a fellow horseman wouldn't realize that just one car in the trailer parking - will multiply - as more people coming up see it & think - "Oh I can park there too."  I've seen four cars parked all over the lot - making it impossible for the trailers to pull in or out...   In the last couple weeks, there have been several days - with the closure of Mann Rd. that the lot has been totally full of trailers...  Of course, there's even more signage too - asking hikers, bike riders, etc. to park along the edge of the road, or on the new gravel area that was put in for cars.
Gray & Overcast
It was one of those eerily quiet days...  I was in an off mood. I'd manged to upset a friend & I never like doing that for any reason - even when I feel strongly about something.

The front pack started bugging me right away...  banging around too much...   I have it tied down about every way but loose - the water bottle hung too low & hit me in the knee when we were galloping...
New logging area~
 I wanted to do a decent pace, a lot of trotting & some galloping to see how the Heraldic felt.  The problem I'd first noticed, pressure from the rise of the front of the saddle, has not gone away...  Yesterday - it didn't seem as bad, but we were doing a lot of short up & downs at Lord Hill.  Today - was more of the long downs & long ups.  The entire ride, I felt the pressure - enough that I couldn't clear my mind of it.  Farah seemed to be moving fine, though her reduced speed tells me that something isn't right.  Smooth transitions, no bucking, no shoulder lifting, no head tossing.
Big Cedars went down~
It started drizzling on us - once we were all the way to the bottom of the mountain.  The roads are just as hard as concrete now... I won't do this loop again for a while.  We did go off onto the trails for the return, but the surface even there is very hard packed, lots of bike use & so very dry. 
A gray horizon~
We returned to the trailer just as the drizzle was turning to rain.  We'd covered 15-miles at a good pace, probably too good for the hard footing...  Disappointed that I can't make this saddle work for me :-(  I'll be calling to discuss my options tomorrow~


  1. Some people think they are always the exception to the rule. Why we ride horses: to avoid spending any more time than necessary with people. LOL

  2. I would have loved to pin that car in between two big trucks and trailers. lol

  3. LOL! Both your comments so very true! I did park Right on the rear bumper! But yes - would have been "fun"! :-)

  4. It's got to be super disappointing and frustrating to go to the trouble of loading horses in a trailer, driving all that way, only to not be able to find a parking space because non-horse vehicles took over the trailer parking. I remember having to turn around and go home when the parking lot to my favorite trails was full. What really killed me was when they'd use the lot for bicycle races every other weekend. I wish more people would ride horses so that we weren't in the minority.

    1. Excellent point! It's not as though we have many places at ALL to park! I'm working hard to get more for the Whitehorse Trail & even the Centennial - since it limits our access with only three places to park... That's it too, we now have so much competition from other "user" groups... Victoria used to be "Horse Country" - now the bikes & dog walkers are trying to take it over... I'll go down fighting :-)


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