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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lord Hill - Revisited~

OH MY GOSH!  There are Sheep over there!
It had been a long while since I'd ridden at Lord Hill...  When Lynn & Amanda invited me I was looking forward to seeing those trails again.   Yes - we're stylin' now :-)  While we wait for the new breast collar, using our western one :-)
The giraffe look was evident - the neighbor's sheep were making sheep noises through the trees :-)  Today - our third ride with the Heraldic.  When I saddle Farah up at the barn, then go to walk her down to the trailer, she has always waited until the pressure hits her halter before stepping forward.  This morning, I said my usual;  "Let's Go!" & she moved out instantly!  Such a small thing - but it blew me away!
Farah & the handsome Cato!
Farah was very pleased to see her friend Cato again!  Sophie was the third wheel as far as she was concerned & she made it very clear - if Sophie even tried to get close!  So, Cato led on the way out - Sophie, as usual on the way back.
A very dry wetland~
Even though this park has so much shade, leaves were falling & the drought conditions were evident.  This was a good test for the saddle.  Farah being in the rear - she did do a few of her antics, but no bucking & only one shy.
Both Amanda & Lynn said that they really thought Farah was the most relaxed they had seen her.  They were with us on some of our very first rides, so should know.  I could feel it too, as I told them - very nice to ride & be comfortable!
Another very low river...
Farah's face is the driest I've ever seen it - she has matured & come into her own this year...  The horses really enjoyed standing in the river, the morning clouds had burned off & the humidity had gone up.  All three had a sheen of sweat.
Great Blue Heron
 We were thrilled to see this Great Blue Heron enjoying the extremely low water in the wetland.  I'm sure food is getting scarce, but what there is - probably easier to catch!
Amanda, Cato, Lynn & Sophie
We were heading back when Amanda & I realized that it was the first time this year we've ridden together!  Even Lynn & I haven't gotten in that many miles, I've been staying closer to home.  Hopefully cooler weather isn't too far away & I'll feel more like traveling farther.  I've yet to ride most of the Fall City trails~
Heading back down~
Once home, Farah enjoyed her bath.  Afterward I turned her loose, she had one big roll in the yard, then took off at a full trot to her pasture, where she rolled again, leaped five-feet in the air & took off with a short burst of speed!  I don't think I have to worry about any pain issues!

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