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Saturday, August 1, 2015


Up front~
Well, it's been HOT!  Just too hot for me to want to ride...   There's Tevis - my favorite horse/rider team were unable to start, but I still have several friends riding to keep an eye on!  One of our WTRDD riders, Lisa Preston is currently at 89th!  Go Lisa!   Bare Bones going on down in the Capitol Forest - the first time since it's inception that I've missed it.  The heat of course is a factor, not having a saddle ready is the other.
Rear of the panel~
Reactor Panel asked Tolklat to make fitted booties/pads for the panels.  Woolback on the bottom, with a Cordura top.  My saddle came with a used set to try & they seem to work great.  The best aspect is that they completely cover & protect the panels.  Once the break-in period is over, I plan to keep them on & start using the Supracore pad under - next to Farah.  Still love the way the Supracore performs.
Front of the Panel~
I couldn't get the Stowaway front pack in black, Riding Warehouse said the manufacturer is unable to get black fabric currently, so had to settle for brown :-(   Could not find it through any other source either...  It's almost more bag than I want - but that's the choice if you want to carry water bottles up front. 
Yes, brown trial fenders don't look good... Will replace with black.
There was more than enough room for the stuff I carry.  May order the streamlined version - if I can get it with a bottle holder on one side.  Bony Pony received my order from Tory yesterday.  Love the grab strap, the headstall crown piece has to be shortened - that will take a full week.  I returned the breast collar - holes were punched unevenly & just didn't like the "English" style. 

Spoke to Gail Hought just before she left for Tevis & if you can believe - she was out of black beta strap!  My reins - are special order, since I like 1".  I added a breast collar & running attachment.  Hope I don't have to wait forever for those.  It's a good thing we had our booth at the tack sale this spring & made enough money to cover all of this!
From the front~
I decided to insure the saddle too...  My insurance agent with State Farm, was able to offer me some comprehensive insurance at a reasonable price.  Call Andy @425-742-9304 - (tell him I sent you) if you would like more information.

Look forward to my next ride to see how all this works on the trail!


  1. First time commenter! Question: why are you putting the booties on the panels? This year I bought a used Reactor Panel, the english-saddle style model. When I had it fitted to my horse, the fitter told me not to bother using the booties. I just have my regular wool pad underneath. So I'm curious if you were told there's reason why you should use the booties, since I still have mine sitting around here. Thanks!

  2. I was told to use them during the break-in period for the panels. I like the idea of having the panels covered - to keep out dust, pine needles etc. Will try using my Supracore or Woolback under it before long. Know riders who go both ways :-)


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