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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tack Sale!

Our Booth!
Well, it started like this...  I bought a saddle from a friend - that I didn't need, wouldn't fit - but was so darn pretty, old & original by Colorado Saddlery.  After keeping it for a year - we took it up to the Bony Pony to see if we could consign it.  They - in turn - mentioned their yearly tack sale to be held at the Skagit County Fairgrounds.  For $50. we could have a booth & not have to pay any commissions on anything we sold.  Really?  We thought about it on the way home & decided - what the heck - we'd do it!
Headstall - sold!
I spent last week digging through the tack room, tack trunk & scrounging up everything I could find that I thought might sell.  We ended up with more than I thought!  We were up early & to the fairgrounds early & set up on time!  There were people lined up & waiting at 10 a.m. when the sale started.  We really had fun - seeing a few friends, meeting people, talking tack & horses!  Always favorite topics.  :-)

It felt really good to see people walk away with things that they really wanted & could use.  A cute little girl bought the headstall above & her smile said it all!  We had four old helmets - one was my original Range Rider!  It sold, as did the small Troxel!  We gave Butch's old Lidlocker away to a guy who's wife had talked him into five-acres & a couple off the track Thoroughbreds!  (We figured he might need it :-)  My Numnah dressage shaped wool pad from New Zealand was purchased by a lady who also took Joyce's contact info.  She's going to have Joyce trim it to match the new saddle she purchased!  It had been in the track truck for almost 20-years!

Finally, just in the last few minutes of day - a lady came back & bought that saddle!  She said it was the nicest in the sale & it truly was.  I doubled my money on it, which worked for us!     Now that I'm motivated - I'm going to get the rest of the blankets & one Very nice saddle pad listed on eBay. All in all, the day was a great success - we made enough to put a big dent in the cost of the saddle I ordered almost a year ago & still hope to receive one of these days!


  1. I love shopping for tack; used in good condition is just another way of saying, nicely broken in.


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