Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Going Away Again!

Going over Stevens Pass
We'd planned this get-away with our friends Scott & Barb.  Scott asked if we'd be interested in accompanying them to one of their favorite hide-a-ways?  To camp, socialize & best of all - ride in a new place!  Of course we said;  "yes"!
We caravan over~
It's the drive that I usually dislike, since traffic isn't my favorite thing - especially when we have Farah with us.  Leaving mid-week was a super idea, no traffic to speak of & perfect weather too!
It wasn't long until we stopped at Coles Corner to let all the dogs take a break :-)  Yes, we all brought our dogs!  Soon we were past Wenatchee - not too much further & we turned onto the gravel roads that would take us to our destination.  We pulled into the private ranch, where we were expected by mid-afternoon.
Our view~
The view?  Yes - we had a magnificent view!  We camped on grass, with a great fire-pit area, picnic table & pipe corrals for the horses.  There was one issue...  A Thoroughbred mare was loose in the area of the corrals & she instantly went to Farah's pen & tried to eat her hay!  That - of course - was Not going to work!  Next thing we knew, Farah was rearing into the air & screaming like a stallion...  The Thoroughbred was bigger than Farah & when she reared the two of them almost came to blows...  NOT!
Farah, relieved to be away from the mare~
 Being the resourceful people we are - we just set up our hot-wire corral & moved Farah away from the mare & closer to us.  A better arrangement all-round, since she's our one & only - she's used to being near us.
Dinner time!
By the time the sun was getting low in the sky, we were all set up, comfortable & very happy to be in such a beautiful spot!  I was excited & couldn't wait to see what the country would look like from Farah's back!  Ride stories to follow!


Always Welcome~