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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Brisk & Chilly Ride!

Devil's Club
Since today was supposed to be the good day of the work week as far as our weather goes, Linda & I had planned to ride.  It was pouring rain here at home...  I called Linda - who told me that up her way - it was clearing, blue sky showing & sunshine!   Sure enough - I was about 5-miles north when I ran out of the rain!
View of the Sound & Islands
Linda was waiting, the parking lot was almost Full!  Full of riders we know!  It's a big enough area, that even limited to the roads, we only ran into Aarene.  We hadn't gone to the Monument on our last ride, so did today.  It was spectacular out - except for the Very chilly wind!  Even in the sun we were chilled, until we warmed up with some trotting.
Heavy Rain~
The views of the storms over the Cascades were so darkly beautiful...
Linda & Count - Linda's new sweatshirt says;  "I ride so I don't choke people!"
We covered quite a few miles, went down to the south side - looking through in spots from the road to the trails, knowing that there will be plenty of work to do once the trails open.  When we returned to the parking area, another couple riders were heading out & asked if the trails would open early?  No - probably not...  Who knows what the weather will do in April & the area has had plenty of rain.
Distracted Farah :-)
Farah is in the middle of a strong spring cycle - distracted & "nice" today - which gave me a "nice" ride :-)  She's almost sleek & didn't break a sweat...  We're going to have to pick up the pace!

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  1. Good to see you (briefly) on the trail. Fee did NOT want to go down the trail without you...until we went about a half mile and then she didn't care!


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