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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It Was One of Those Days~

Elderberry blooms are magnificent!
Where I was smiling for miles!  I mounted up, not expecting anything special - just a nice ride.  Instead - Farah gave me special!  For whatever reason, on this somewhat gray day - my mare was on her A- game!  Loose rein from the get-go, it was one of those times where I just sat back & enjoyed the ride! :-)
There were a few rigs in the parking area - more than usual again - especially since it felt cold - after yesterday's stellar, warm, sunshine.  I met two riders on their way back, as we were going up to the monument.
Farah enjoys "lunch"
Setting a super nice pace on our way up, trotting along at 8.3 + it didn't take us much time to reach the top & have lunch!
Over Lake McMurrary
We continued on - I didn't plan to be out too long, but since Farah was on a mission, maintaining our pace & increasing it as the miles ticked by - we went on down to the bottom of the big hill & out the long road to the gate at 300th.
From the bottom - looking back up~
 By the gate, I was at 10.15 miles.  The climb back up to the top of the hill was just over two-miles.  We did our run & I was surprised there too, since our top speed increased :-)    (There's been a lot of discussion lately about the accuracy of a Garmin GPS unit vs. a smartphone app.  The Garmin wins for accuracy.  I know riders who use their smartphone apps & always show more mileage than I do over the same route.)   Over the years & the miles I've logged - I've found the Garmin to be reliably accurate - matching stats with other Garmin users & over the same route, on different rides.  If you're interested in recording accurate mileage - the Garmin - or a dedicated GPS unit - is the way to go.

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  1. When Amber and I are riding, she uses her phone ap and I use my Garmin wrist watch thing. Our mileage is always different by about .3 of a mile, plus or minus. We have even used different aps, I was tracking on my phone using enduomondo and on the garmin at the same time, she was using runkeeper and I've also used map my run. Great to know the Garmin is the one that's accurate! Plus it tracks accurately in the arena :) I know the phone aps do not do that for sure--the overhead path it shows at the end of the ride says I went into the river, LoL


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