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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day Ride~

Out on the trails~
It started out overcast, but cleared early!  I hadn't planned a ride, figuring after yesterday's clouds that today would be the rain - not!  Rather than waste the time to drive somewhere, I decided to ride from home - it had been weeks since I'd been up there.
Down to Star Creek, then back up the far side
The first thing I noticed, was how Green everything was!  It seemed like there had been an explosion of green!  With the temperature cool - we could enjoy the day without the bugs that have been hatching in swarms.
Native trailing blackberry~
It was another very, very, nice spring afternoon.  A lucky break between the cold & wet evening we had yesterday & the next round of rain that's supposed to come in tomorrow.
Far north end of my "loop"
I originally thought it would be a short ride, but it was too pretty out - so we kept going.  Over the years, I've enjoyed discussions with a variety of horse people on what the "perfect" age is for a saddle horse.  By "perfect" - the age that their brain actually kicks in & they become a reasonably sane ride.  Farah has matured mentally more this last year - than I expected.  Always a basically good girl, she still had issues - the bucking, the head tossing etc.  All that - at least when we're on our own - has disappeared this spring.  Another ride on a loose rein :-)
Beautiful blue flowers along the trail~
 We were trotting along when this bright blue patch of flowers appeared!  So pretty in the sunshine!  No idea what they are?
Busy Beavers!
I was amazed at the size of the trees the Beavers are taking down!  They're determined to get a decent size pond going before the dry summer!  I hope they get to stay!  Many years ago, they were all trapped & removed when the development was imminent.  When the economy stalled, my open space was saved yet again & the Beaver have had time to return.
My favorite wetland~
Someone was cutting down a few trees on the hillside at the far end of this wetland.  I pray that they stop...
Mt. Pilchuck
Seeing the ever increasing areas of clear-cut - sickens me.  Every hillside that I view from home & when I drive north to ride - is getting stripped.  One would think that this state would wake up & put a stop to it before it's all gone...

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  1. Wow, everything really IS green all of a sudden! Love the flowers too. It's cool that there are so many beavers up there. I hope they get to stay. The idea of them being trapped and removed makes me sad.


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