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Sunday, April 12, 2015

No Snow~

Kachees Lake - But we do have water~
We'd planned to go for hay today.  Ben was with us to help out & we were looking forward to the road trip.  Forecast was for snow on the passes, but when I checked the pass report - it was for;  "Bare & wet."
Broken sunshine~
It was mid-40's cool, with fluffy clouds overhead & a light breeze.  It was smooth sailing all the way - we made good time & arrived before noon.
We've arrived!
We love going to visit with Everett & Carolyn, now good friends.  We'd been burned on the last load of hay we'd bought from the grower near Yakima.  The first load from him was wonderful, the last - over half of the bales were full of weeds, dust & the price had gone up.  It was too dusty to feed Farah, so we gave 20-bales to Linda's neighbor for his small herd of Jersey's. 
Bales coming down!  :-)
That ran us short & with Farah going through three-ton a year, we didn't want to run low.  We were lucky that Everett had second cutting left for us to pick up.  It always smells so good in the hay barn!  Now the growers are worried that with the water situation, they may only get one cutting this year...
Ben on top :-0
Ben got to climb on the bales & found a squished snake to scare me with :-)  It wasn't long until we were all loaded & on the road home.  We had to stop at our favorite restaurant in Cle Ellen for a late lunch/ early dinner!

Ben helped unload up at the barn, 100-lb bales are tough to fit into the space we have for them.  When Farah saw Ben run down the hill, she came running up from the pasture to greet him!   Finally - it was time to take Ben back home :-(  We'll all look forward to going back in a few weeks & Ben wants to go with us again!  What a Grandson!

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