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Friday, April 17, 2015

Strange Day~

The "White" Trail~
Joyce & I started out from the MHC today, the plan being to use some of Scott's cleared trails & go see where he had removed the bridge that Farah & I fell from last June.  He & Linda had also tried to re-route that section of trail.
First Bridge
When we made the turn to take that trail, I could feel a difference in Farah - she knew where we were.  I dismounted at the first bridge to walk over.  I did not want to ride over it - it was slippery & the side rails are loose with a nice big gap that I could put my foot through at the far end on the left.
Jackson loved cooling off!
Once across- there was the bridge, pulled out!  Scott said that if anyone had tried to cross it - the entire bridge would have fallen in the creek, for whatever reason, the supports had washed away this last winter.
The "bridge"
It looked benign - but I felt anxious - just looking at it.  Thinking how very close I'd come & how quickly it had happened.
Where we went off~
Looking down at the mess - it still amazes me that we got out in one piece.  We decided to go no further on the trail this direction & instead - to circle around & try to come at it from the opposite direction.  That didn't happen.  We tried several different trails - most coming to an end well before putting us where we'd hoped to be.
Victoria in the distance~
We did find some amazing new views!  Our route was very convoluted - Garmin is still having technical difficulties transferring tracks to Google Earth - maybe one of these days they'll get the problem fixed & I can again post photos of our route.
Another view to the southwest~
Finally, we finished off our loop going the reverse of what we usually do.  We were out over three hours, but most of it was slow going & we did plenty of trail obstacles!  :-)  Warm & somewhat humid - we returned to the barn to find three rigs parked!  First time ever that's happened.  We never did see the riders.  Two had membership stickers - the third must have been the members guest.
One of these days - we're going to figure out how to get the materials up to re-build the bridge!

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  1. The bit about the bridge is terrifying, but those views are incredible!


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