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Monday, April 27, 2015

Warmest Day of the Year!

Farah & Target
Gray & drizzle was the word for the morning - we delayed our start time by 30-min.  Pulling out of the yard, the sun was shining & it was still drizzling!  We were the only two in the parking lot, many local riders were at the April Daze ride this past weekend. 
Still snow on the peaks~
Joyce was short on time, but wanted to get in a good loop - so we rode what's now become the usual route for conditioning.  I say conditioning - Joyce may go to Klickitat, I'm still thinking about Mt. Adams.  For someone who was burnt out with endurance, here I am - still planning a ride or two.   (With Jas - it was always about her feet.  With Khari - it was about trying to get her to do what I knew she was capable of.)  The draw to the sport for me now - is with Farah - rides are actually fun :-)
The pond is So Very Green!
  At a ride, having the marked route & being able to travel at whatever speed you & your mount want - I see as something of a reward for all the miles we travel.  The sport is changing though - as the population grows & we share the trails with more & more users...  Loose dogs attacking horses, bike riders, hikers etc., make it hard - even during a sanctioned ride - to let our horses go!
Mt. Rainier dominates the skyline!
We had a great ride, Joyce brought Jackson, we had to wait for him a few times - he took advantage of every puddle!  :-)  I put my supracore inserts into the woolback pad & that seems to really help our borrowed saddle fit.  The sheepskin on the bottom is long worn away - so I've tried several different ideas to keep it cushioned.  This seemed to be the best option so far.  More calls to the saddle maker...
After her bath~
Once home, Farah enjoyed her warm bath - I enjoyed getting wet!  Another great ride ~

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