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Monday, April 6, 2015

Fun, Fast & Thieves!

On the Whitehorse Trail
Joyce & I discussed where we wanted to ride today.  I was leaning toward the MHC, going up on the high trails, but Joyce reminded me of the logging - so we took the easy path & decided to meet at Bracken.  We discussed the rash of vehicle break-ins & Joyce had the idea of parking so that the tack room doors faced the road.  We did that & headed out by 11.
Toward Arlington
It was a cool, overcast morning - we thought we might see some rain, but stayed dry.  I'd wanted to see what progress had been made on the mudslide - so we headed toward Arlington.
The Park Rangers have been doing some work!
When I spoke to Joe Wheeler, the Ranger who's been helping out with the trail last week, he said they'd done quite a bit of work with the chain saws, but would need heavy equipment to move the mud.  He didn't think a horse could get through - wrong!  :-) 
The slide area~
We did get past & went all the way to the arch~
At the arch~
 We took a short break, before heading back the way we'd come.
Joyce & Target
Both horses were in fine form today!  Trotting & galloping side-by-side!  Farah was loving it & always enjoys it so much when Joyce rides Target!  He was prancing like a show pony!  Once back at the tree farm, we did another fast loop & felt like we could have ridden another 20-miles :-)
Once back to the parking area, we'd just said hello to two ladies heading out & their rig was the only one in the parking area besides ours.  Joyce asked if I was good - I was & she headed out.  It wasn't 3-min. later that these two guys pulled in RIGHT next to me. I was bent over getting out my phone.  When I raised up - they were both looking in my direction at the Bronco.  When the saw me, they got out & approached as I locked my doors. He started talking - they were "Out of gas, lived up the road & needed help..."  I said;  "Sorry - can't help you."  Then when they started getting mad - grabbed my camera & took the photo.  On my way out - I called 911 & reported it.  The Deputy called back, gave me his email & I forwarded the photo to him.

It was a Super Great Ride, but no fun to see these two.  I just hope the deputy arrived before they had a chance to damage the other rig! 


  1. That must have been so scary. Can't believe you had the presence of mind to snap a photo!

  2. Yikes! That's a scary looking pair. I hope the deputy got there quickly! I can't imagine they were up to any good.

  3. Ugh, people disgust me sometimes. I hope everything worked out....


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