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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ancient Lakes Area ~

Away we Go!
Scott & Barbara are experienced trail riders, with one of our local Back Country Horsemen chapters.  They do more than their share of trail clearing, maintenance, etc.  So when they go riding for fun - you can bet that it's going to be fun!  The area we were riding into the Quincy Lakes Unit -  where Ancient Lake & several other small lakes are to be found.  On this day - Scott mentioned waterfalls, lakes, high places, views!  But after we hit the trail - I started to wonder if he'd been telling tall tales!
The Waterfall~
 We could hear this waterfall long before we saw it!  I wish I'd thought to do a short video, just for the amazing sound - the water almost echoed as it hit the the basalt rocks below.  This roar of water in the middle of the Scablands was not something I expected. Continuing on - it was easy to feel like we were 150 years in past.
The first of the lakes~
Soon, the first of the lakes appeared.  I've always enjoyed & admired water...  Rivers & mountain lakes, were all I knew - besides one trip to see Lake Michigan in the 70's.  I'd never even seen an ocean until we moved here in 1980.  After the trip to Southern, CA - I appreciate it all the more - the liquid of life in the otherwise barren landscape.
Another waterfall
 Around the corner & two more lakes.  Scott said that there is usually three times the water flowing down this fall - so, as we're all aware, it's going to be a dry year.
Last of the lakes~
 As we climbed the rim-rock, the last of the lakes fell away below us.  Distance is so deceptive in this land of wide-open vista's.
Here too - the wildflowers were blooming!  Spectacular pinks, purples & blues.  We were getting hungry - we were heading to the spot that Scott promised would be perfect for our lunch break!
The "Perfect Place"!
The saddle in the photo above is that perfect spot!  It took some climbing to get there, then we had some branches to trim - to be able to tie the four horses on the steep hillside.  Once that was done, we grabbed our food & hiked up to the rim - that dropped off steeply on the back side to reveal the view below!
Another lake!
I found a long spar shaped stone, narrow, knife like - with three sides that were as sharp as any knife.  With a handle - it would make one.  It went into my pack :-)  We slid back down to where the horses were waiting in the shade & saddled back up.
Heading down through the cut~
 The downhill that we were heading for - was extremely steep & rocky.  The basalt was loose & sharp.  Each horse seemed to understand that this took some extra skill to navigate & I was holding onto the front of my saddle with one hand - it was that steep!  I was relieved to reach the bottom!
Basalt outcrop~
This basalt outcropping certainly looked like it had been molten at some point in time!
Our Route
It wasn't long until we were back under the huge power lines & almost back to camp.  The day had gone by so fast!  Scott was already tempting us with tales of the ride we'd do tomorrow!

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  1. I love the ride at Ancient Lakes. I've never taken photos that beautiful before though. It is spectacular. Thanks for sharing.


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