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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Haller Park to Victoria - Point-to-Point

 The Haller Trestle Bridge
Lynn & Jack met me at Haller Park, in Arlington this morning.  We had a plan :-)  We wanted to go north on the Centennial Trail, then make the little run along Hwy 9 & go in the gate at the bottom of the mountain at Victoria.  Jack planned to pick us up at parking area there.  Linda too - was in on this!  She left from home, then rode down the mountain to meet with us on the Scott Main Line.
Crossing Pilchuck Creek
We kept touch with Linda as our ride progressed.  It looked several times like it would rain, but we only felt a few drops.  I wanted to get in some trotting - Lynn & Sophie were happy to move out.
Lynn & Sophie on the Centennial Trail
It was amazing how close our mileage was by the time we checked with Linda & she was down at the bottom, waiting for us!  She said she could actually hear us on the trial!
Linda & Count!
 The three of us met up & continued on around the southern loop - the long way - going out on the road.  To do this loop - there was one short section of trail - & the trails are closed.  It was never an issue - until lately - when more riders have discovered the loop.  Now - someone has marked the trail closed.
Farah waits & watches~
The three of us cruised around - then I asked if I could gallop Farah up the long hill & got the "go".  She really enjoyed digging in & opening up!  So did I!  We passed the bike rider who'd passed us earlier & when he finally made the top - he said;  "I think that horse is the fastest thing out here" :-) 
Lynn & Sophie
Soon, Lynn & Sophie came into view, not far behind Linda & Count - Count was having a meltdown & found out that when he gets circled - he doesn't catch up!  We finished our almost 20-mile ride back at the parking area - where we were happy to see Jack waiting for us!  Linda still had just over 3-miles to ride to get back home.  When she texted that she'd arrived, I'd just pulled in our driveway!
Great ride on a cloudy, cool early April day!


  1. Haha, I bet she was the fastest thing out there, too!

  2. lytha - Thank you for the invite! Will see if I can view! I will check with Joyce on the quote~ Farah is chocolate - not chestnut. She isn't red, more dirt brown


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