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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Over the Pass - Again

Light dusting of snow~
Another day trip to Ellensburg to pick up yet one more ton of hay.  Grandson Ben enjoys these excursions - he likes visiting with Everett & Carolyn too :-)  I picked him up on Fri., we stopped for Bar-be-Que to go at the Barbeque Bucket in Granite.  We were on the road again by 9 a.m. this morning & arrived before noon to a blowing, cool wind & sunshine!
Ben gets a ride!
We were taking the last of Everett's second cutting & some really nice hay it is!  It really didn't take long to load.
Butch manhandles the last bales!
Once we were done - we enjoyed a short visit to catch up on the east side news :-)  The biggest story of course, is the lack of snow pack & the worry over water - with allotments already cut 50%.
Ben hands the bales off to Butch
With all the bad hay now gone, one hay room full & the other cleaned out & full - we've got enough for the gold girl to last a while :-)  Her weight has stayed so consistent for two-years now - between 1,070 & 1,100 lbs.  She's on the trail year-round & that really seems to contribute to her health & vitality.
Our Very Best Helper!
By the end of the afternoon, it was time to take Ben home :-(  I sent him off with a big piece of pie that we'd picked up in Cle Elem!  He's always such a big help to us & we're always so happy to have him visit - whether it's a working weekend or not!  Thanks Ben!

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