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Monday, April 20, 2015

On the Fringe~

Farah waits  & watches!
It was another amazing day.  Not the weather that we used to have in April - not the weather we used to have at all...  But you'll hear no one complaining - we're all too busy out enjoying it!
Joyce, Target - Mel & Jesse
I met up with Joyce & Mel at Bracken.  We were surprised to find the parking lot again Full!  Unusual for a Monday!  On such a day - it's hard to do anything but enjoy each stride, lucky ladies we are - indeed!  Mel plans to attend some rides this season & Joyce will be heading over to Spokane be the timer at Gail's first ride of the season :-)
Bright yellow Skunk Cabbage
Moving out at a good clip - all three horses energetic & taking turns in front!   We'd covered about 8-miles when Joyce & Mel turned to head back.  I decided to go on out to the Whitehorse, check out the river & head over to Green Valley~
The River is LOW!
It's far from usual to see the Stilly so low...  but with no snow pack to melt off & our usual spring rains - yet to arrive - we certainly won't have the water to send any to CA!  I find it a little scary - already - to see this.
Thimbleberry blooms~
Once over the bridge, the thimbleberry was in bloom - all along both sides of the trail!  So pretty & cooler in the shade of the tree canopy.
Farah knows we're going for lunch :-)
I think Farah loves this area as much as I do.  Sometimes I think we both feel like we're on the fringe of things...  We're the odd horse out most of time.  Farah walks big, trots big & moves big - I love riding this mare!  
Where the Whitehorse goes~
 We wandered on a way & did make it out onto the unimproved section of the Whitehorse.  It's going to take so much work & the funds that are getting the trail done up in the Oso & Darrington area, don't seem to be stretching far enough to get the work that needs doing - done - here.
There is the sign though!
From here - 
Here is the Whitehorse Trail...
It gets worse...  totally overgrown all the way to the first of the bridges that have been decked.  Funny actually - we now have four bridges decked, then Public Works went off to do another bridge, that isn't included on the trail.  When that's done - the hope is that they will return to the trail bridges...   Still - getting the bridges done at all - is a wonderful thing - but it would be way more wonderful if the trail could be brushed, the hole filled & this section open.
Lunch spot
We found a beautiful place for our lunch break!  I actually laid on the grass & admired the wind blowing through the tops of the trees...


  1. The grassy paths on the unimproved section look like a great place to ride! Sometime soon lets meet up :) I can come down to the tree farm area, haven't been there yet and would love to see some new trails. I think it's only 30-45 min away.

  2. They would be, except for the blackberry :-) I would love to meet-up & ride! Let me know what days might work for you!

  3. I was going to say this weekend but the forecast looks pretty wet. Maybe around the first of May?

    I'm going to be shutting down my blog from public view, it'll only be visible to blogger readers. I'll send you a freind request on FB--I've gone back to posting there more often now :)


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