Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Doin' our Own Thing~

Whitehorse from Victoria
 The other day, a friend said she'd be riding on her own, it was the best thing for her horse right now.  I looked back at my statistics for the past couple years - & they've gotten slower!  We've been doing a lot of mileage - but not necessarily at any decent speed.  Farah likes to go & I've been slowing her down.  That's not good for her - or that matter - for me - since I too - like to get out & move.
Elderberry blooms
Today, we moved!  We had a blast!  Farah was so happy to be allowed to go!  There's going distance & there's going for speed.  I've always enjoyed some speed.  I appreciate my friends so very much - those friends that actually invite me to ride with them!  Joyce has horses that are up for speed work & Joyce always is :-)  I've enjoyed meeting Mel again & riding with her too :-) 
Soon, the trails will again be open at Victoria & Linda is always up for fast work on the trail - a lot of riders are counting the days!  Lynn too has mentioned some longer rides & maybe some more point-to-point - which we both enjoy.  It was a beautiful spring day & more are on the way!


  1. Your elderberry is blooming?! Ours just barely sprouted their first leaves. Do you harvest elderberry blossoms or berries?

    One of the plants I miss most from home - the ubiquitous sword fern. Never thought I'd miss something so common, but here there are ferns everywhere, but the bracken type (that get to be 5 feet tall). I also miss devil's club (but not accidentally touching them). Something I love here that just got its needles back - the larch. How I love a color changing pine tree!

  2. No, our variety is poisonous~ The blue variety on the east side can be eaten. I thought sword ferns were Everywhere! You're lucky to have the larch! I've only seen one or two struggling here to live.


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