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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ben & Grammy go Swimming!

Snohomish Aqua Center
I was informed last evening that my husband had to work today :-(  The good news?  Grandson Ben was coming to spend the night & help us go for hay tomorrow!  The morning was so sunshine & beautiful - I couldn't believe that the forecast storms would appear.  I was in Lake Stevens to pick up Ben by noon.  We stopped at the Bakery in Snohomish for lunch, then ran some errands & finally got to the pool in time for the last afternoon swim!
Down the slide~
On the Sat. before Easter, Jentry had Skyla's 4th birthday party here & we all had a blast!  I didn't swim, instead took photos.  Today though, I was ready to try out the salt water pool for myself.  With Ben's encouragement - we met at the lap pool, much quieter - with only a few swimmers in the 12' end & no one doing any laps.  We walked to the far end - the depth was marked & I expected the far side to be shallow.  Wrong - it was 7' - 2' deeper than I am tall!  Hummm...  I can swim, yes I can - but I like to be able to touch the bottom!  Not here!  I took the lane next to the edge of the pool :-) 

I found that swimming in salt water does take more effort, but it's so nice not to have all the chlorine.   Ben & I could use the same lane & he easily outdistanced me :-)  To my credit though - I did manage six laps!  I felt it too!  Afterward when we walked out - the storm had hit - temperatures dropped to the mid-40's & hail was falling!  That didn't stop us from going for frozen yogurt on our way home! 

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