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Monday, March 30, 2015

Surprise Day's Ride~

Linda & Count, Charlotte & Aliento, Joyce & Target
It was so gray this morning - heavy cloud cover & almost looking like rain...  But Joyce had planned a ride up at Victoria to familiarize herself with the trail there & we'd invited Linda.  When I arrived at the parking - Charlotte was there too!  A good group & Farah was in heaven - a ride with her three favorite geldings!

Soon - it was obvious that the speed of the ride was going to be faster than Linda or I had expected, so after five-miles - Joyce & Charlotte broke off to continue a faster loop - while Linda & I headed to the south side, Linda wanted to show me an in/out that I didn't remember.
Flowering currants are at their peak!
The currants all down the trail to the south side are in full bloom & so beautiful against the deep green of the trees!  I dismounted & walked Farah to the bottom - but once we were down to the Scott Main Line, we were doing some nice 10-min. mile splits :-)
This large Trillium was right along the edge of the trail!  The sun had burned through the cloud cover before we'd left the trailers & we were stopping to take off jackets in no time flat!   Linda & I stopped to eat lunch - then continued on - to trails that I hadn't seen for a long while.  We did some road work to get back to the area that Linda wanted me to see & where we'll be doing some trail work at the work party scheduled for June 6th.  We're hoping for a Good Turn-out of all the riders that have been using these trails often!
Farah checks out the creek~
After our desert trip - it's SO Very Nice to see water in the creeks!  Water - the life blood of the earth!  More water going through than we'd seen so far this spring!  We covered almost 17-miles, but it took us four-hours :-)  Great day & Great ride had by all!

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  1. Trainers are always asking me if my horses will cross water. Nope, I say, but when is there ever water in the desert that I would need to cross? We get puddles and flash floods, but where I ride, I don't need to worry about it. I did try to cross a stream when I lived in the Eastern Sierra, but that was a no go. I got a lot of experience riding horses that were running backwards.


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