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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hazy Evening Ride~

Evening haze
The day had been Hot - hitting 90, well above normal for the area.  We'd hiked into the National Park in the morning, then found a great bar for lunch out - that included drinks!  After doing some shopping, it was time to saddle-up.  This late afternoon into evening ride had a different feel...
Baby Joshua tree growing from the burned roots & blooming!  It takes years for them to reach this size
We rode north, then turned west - toward the trails that we had yet to explore. The haze burned off, the evening brightened & again we were impressed with how beautiful this area is!
Looking back at town~
The size of the sky :-)  The clear air & elevation all lend itself to that feeling of wilderness that I've always craved & enjoy so much when I find it...
Rock Formations
 Again we were in an area of amazing rock formations - especially beautiful with the setting sun lighting up the reds in the granite.  It was hard to turn back - so tempting to continue on.
The fence...
We found a trail that used to go back toward town & we could have looped - but there was a barbed wire fence blocking it off.  We had to follow it back & find the the trail that we'd come in on.  All that took time & the sun had set by then.  Back again just as dark fell - it was still a warm & wonderful evening to eat a late dinner & sit out to enjoy the stars!

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