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Friday, March 27, 2015

Cruizing with Friends~

Joyce on her new mare Penny, Charlotte & Aliento, Mel riding Jesse
Joyce was determined to get me out today :-)  She knew the Bronco was in the shop, but said;  "Can't you use the big truck?"  Well...  yes - I could - I've only driven it twice... the second time was last night - when - after I told Butch I wasn't riding because I didn't have the Bronco...  He hitched up the horse trailer to the truck & said;  "Now you're driving us to the Centennial Trail meeting!"  Hum... I'd just gotten back from a ride, had made myself a hot mug of tea & was looking forward to kicking back on the way up there.  Instead - I got a lesson in getting out our gate, driving "his" diesel truck etc. :-)  Tea was still hot for the meeting :-)
Away we go!
It was Penny's first time on the trail & she was a champ!  Mel will be leasing Jesse for the ride season & Charlotte is planning on the first ride of the season!   
My first trillium of this spring
I was far from the first in our area to spot one & this specimen wasn't the finest - but there it was!  The harbinger of Spring in the Northwest!  Not as warm as yesterday, with some overcast & a little humid - it was a perfect day to be out on the trails.
Logged trails~
We rode through the leftover mess from the logging - it had settled a little, but with deep ruts & holes full of water, the horses had to pay attention to where they were stepping.  Finally we were through & I was thinking of how beautiful this trail had been - it was the one where we could really move out at the trot...
Rock here~
 We did a nice pace for the first five-miles, but Penny was tiring, so Joyce & Mel broke off to head back, while Charlotte & I did another quick five.  Farah actually went behind Aliento without much fuss, the bit was oh so nice!  Then - Farah lead & enjoyed the pace.  Besides both horses threatening to kick the other - after a short time, they actually were working well together.  When we stopped to chat - they grazed nose to nose.

Heading home, my final "worry" was getting back in our gate.  I cut it wide, very wide & slid through easily!  Yippee!   My husband was in meetings all day, but I sent him a text to say that his truck was home safe & sound!  :-)

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  1. I'm glad you got a trillium shot--I've missed twice this week!


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