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Friday, March 20, 2015

Visit with the Stevens~

Parked along side the horse barn~
We'd spent our first night on the road back at the Modesto Fairgrounds.  A great place to stop-overnight with clean restrooms that include showers!  You do have to bed your own stalls & clean-up after, but for the small charge, well worth it.  What we did find out later the morning we left, was that with the river dried up, homeless are digging holes/caves in the side of the riverbank & living there. 
Outside Sacramento
Anxious to see Diane, after fueling up - we made great time toward Sacramento.  When we hit the six-lane freeways, we were glad that we were well ahead of the afternoon traffic.  Soon, we were out in the countryside around the town & the sprawl of new developments went on for miles...

Before long, we were entering Lincoln - a beautiful smaller town that has done a nice job of complimenting the older historic buildings (most renovated) with new modern construction.  Diane had given us good directions & I recognized that we were getting close from the photos she'd sent.
We've arrived!
It was Wonderful to see Diane on her ATV - waiting for us at the bottom of the driveway!  There were beautiful large pastures waiting for both Farah & Freebie!  After days on the road & pipe corrals, both mares were so happy to be out & free!  Fresh green grass everywhere! 
John & Justice, Diane & Kisses
Soon John was home & we'd already been in Diane's sewing shop - admiring all the amazing fabrics & prints & tights!  Both of us had to order more!  I wish I'd taken a photo - so rich in colors that it was better than being in a candy shop!
Sutter Buttes
Living on the top of one of the taller rolling hills - the views all around the property were breathtaking!  Then - time to meet & greet the horses!
John & Fonzie
John has an amazing way with his horses - now with more time to devote to them & the sport of endurance - he is excelling with high vet scores & BC's to his credit!  As we girls sat in the shade, he turned the horses loose in the yard!
Farah thought she should join in!
Fonzie kept buzzing by Farah & she found him very attractive too!  Too fast for me to catch with a photo!  John saddled up for an evening work - there's plenty of forward here!
John & Fonzie
Soon, the sun was low on the horizon - John is famous for his steaks & we ate to excess & topped dinner off with triple distilled blueberry moonshine!  It was so quite - we went to sleep with the sound of the crickets chirping.
Cowboy - my favorite Jack Russell :-)
I know Cowboy remembered me - (I'd saved him from drowning, way back when :-)  I wish I'd gotten a photo of Elation - who also remembered me, because she was always fond of putting her jaw on top of my head :-)  (She's now mentoring her own filly & Kisses filly too, while looking half her age!)
Diane & Connie
All too soon, it was time to hit the road again...  Another long drive ahead of us to reach our destination of Roseburg, OR before nightfall.  Always tough to say goodbye to good friends - but it was good to know that they have found their perfect place & are living the good life.  Soon - John will have to add a trophy room to the house :-)

Thank you John & Diane - for your amazing hospitality!

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