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Thursday, March 26, 2015

What's Old - Again New~

New Mylar Combination Bit
First, there's the new bit to adjust!  There are a couple nice improvements in this one - I'd had the other since we started Khari.  The side pieces now swivel - giving a nice soft cue for bending & softening to the side.  Another - the small hook- that you can see in the photo on the chin strap.  Now, the cable that runs through the nose band & to the chin strap is much shorter than they used to be.  Butch always had to cut mine to shorten it enough to fit properly.  No longer!  Since it now fits snug, I'm sure that if a rider doesn't loosen the headstall a couple notches (as Dean taught me) before moving it off the ears - it would be easy to have that chin strap hang up on the chin & the bit hang-up in the mouth of a horse ready to be rid of it after a ride.  These bits are wonderful for riding hot horses, but you need soft hands.
Our trails~
We were both ready to get out on our Own!  Our old trails looked fresh & new to both of us after our time away.  As much as I enjoy having company on rides, every now & then it's a refresher to us both to just go~  We had planned to ride with Linda & Count, but the Bronco decided to wait till I got home to need another repair & is in the shop for a new steering gear box!  It was just too nice not to salvage the day...
Gorgeous Day
It was immediately apparent to me that I had more control!  Wonderful!  I love control!  :-) Farah instantly felt the difference too & softened!  Yes!  Softness is so nice!  I could tell that she was much more comfortable with the new bit - so in retrospect - I should have realized long ago that the bit was wearing & needed replacement.  But - in my defense, as the ladies at Bony Pony said;  when you pay over $150. for a bit - you expect them to Last!
Far end -
We went out to about the farthest reaches of our trails - then turned back.  Our hawk spooked up out of the salmonberries when we went by at a fast trot!  I don't know who was scared more, him or us!  We also found sign of other horses & thanks to Facebook, even knew who it was :-)  Samantha L!  :-)
Beaver pond
The beavers have been working overtime on their newest pond!  It has grown & getting close to flooding over our trail!  Busy as a Beaver is a truism!
Pilchuck with No snow~
  It feels so good to be home~  It always is so exciting to get away & see new places, but in doing that - when you return, you know - in your heart - that there's - No Place Like Home

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