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Sunday, March 8, 2015

On The Road~

Rest Stop
We were up early - even with the time change, we had the mares loaded & were on the road by 6 a.m.  Traffic was light & the miles few by.  We would stop about every four-hours to let the mares out. They did some lawn mowing at a beautiful OR rest area.  The staff there - who were getting their mowers out - told us to be sure & edge along the walkways :-)  We made great time, pulling into Medford - where we found a really nice, small, neat, clean stable with room for us to camp, a stall with turnout for Farah & grassy round-pen for Freebie.   
Starlight Stables
Farah had a surprise!  She was three paddocks down from a Lama!  Lama!  Oh NO!  Then - there were goats! Goats! A pig!  She didn't know which way to turn :-)  Kerry told us that after staying with her for a while - most horses gave up spooking at what to them are "strange" animals!
We were up & on the road early - perfect driving weather & to the boarder crossing into California!  We were asked to pull to the side & given a small form to fill out with license plate numbers, names, how many horses - where we were headed & the number of our brand inspection certificates!  As we walked over to the office, we were met outside - asked for our form & sent on our way!  Sweet, they didn't even ask to see our paperwork!
Lake Shasta
Mt. Shasta owns the skyline! Amazing - but the lake was a shock!  When you hear about California's water woes - that's one thing - but to see it for yourself is scary.  To think of the millions of gallons of water that this lake once held & to see it now - almost empty?  There was a new ramp built down to the boat dock & it was steep!
Dust in the San Joaquin Valley
Soon, we were heading up yet another pass, with the elevation about 4,000 ft.  Lunch was on our minds, we pulled off at Tehachapi & found a beautiful park where we let the mares out to graze & ate a salad.  It was the kind of town that reminded me somewhat of Boulder in the old days when I was a kid - with that fresh, clear, high elevation air & bright blue sky.
Toward Tehachapi, CA
Once back on the road, we were both getting excited to be nearing our destination!  We were on Hwy 247, the landscape became more desolate, I think we saw every kind of home that these hardened desert dwellers could construct! 

Then - there was our close-call...  The road was narrow & windy, with short rolling hills, just high enough that the line-of-sight was short.  A car had passed us & was passing the car in front of us.  A semi-truck was coming from the other direction & a small car decided to pass him...  I'd looked down - then in the next instant, looked up to see the semi-truck going off the narrow road, dust flying HIGH in the air!  That driver had driven off the road - no shoulder - to allow those two cars to pass without hitting each other head on!  If he hadn't & they had - we would have been in a world of hurt to get stopped in time...  I told Patty I felt like going back & giving him a huge hug for saving us from what could have been a very hard stop!
Almost to Pioneertown!
Just a short way further & we'd arrived!  Sweet relief to know that Patty knew right where we were going & we had reached our goal safe & sound thanks to her great driving skill!
Mares settled in~
 The mares were oh so happy to unload, move into nice sized paddocks, eat some wet mash & enjoy their hay.  We were same - to move into a nice, cute, room at the little motel, where we had reservations for two-days.
Our room - light on~
To say we were ready to be off the road, would be an understatement!  Also - more than ready to rest-up & hit the trails that surrounded us! 

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