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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Into the Rocks!

There's slim pickin's!
The temperatures exceeded the forecast highs...  Mid-70's sounded perfect on that long-range forecast, in actuality - it was getting near 90.  Not good for me - a whimp in the heat.  So - we waited until later in the day to saddle-up.
Joshua Trees dot the landscape
 Leaving from the south end of town, it looked pretty barren.  Within a couple miles though - we found that not to be the case!
Flowers among the Granite!
Again - our mouths were open at the brilliance of the bright blue flowers among the granite rocks.
Granite Formations Abound
 It seems the perfect time of the day to be out~
Blaze orange among the boulders
We were climbing, the trail was rocky in places, the decomposed granite sand wearing the horses hooves smooth & beautiful.
We suddenly saw a formation that looked like an alien head! 
Into the wind~
 A man & woman staring off into the distance!  The wind had picked up & it seemed we were on another planet!
Into a Joshua Tree Valley
 Soon, the trail was winding back towards the far end of Pioneertown~
Coming into town~
Riding into the almost deserted town at sunset was the ultimate experience!  We could have easily been over 100-years back in time!  Patty & I were in absolute heaven - if heaven can be found on horseback.  I'm sure we do come as close as any horseman of this generation can come!  One of the many times this trip, where we've looked at each other in disbelief in our incredible good fortune.  Being able to enjoy this amazing high desert - is a real treat!

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  1. What a great change of scenery! I've loved the time I've spent out in the California desert, I like to play the "what does that rock look like" game! Looks like you're there at a perfect time with the wildflowers.


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