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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Movin' On - Saddle Wise~

The Heraldic is on it's way back to CA...  I was sorry to see it go - I had such high hopes that it would work for us...  After my ride on Wed. Post~ - I knew for sure that it wasn't going to work for me.
Chloe at Reactor Panel, offered me several options.  I have to say; working with Chloe & Carmi, was great!  So professional, helpful, insightful & instructive too!  I was offered a new prototype to try!
Heraldic Prototype
We all agreed that the first problem was probably that the seat was too small - maybe a 17.5 rather than a 17.  That might have helped move me back from the rise.  I was also getting just a little pinching from the rigging -  that would have been alleviated with the prototype!  It is beautiful!  But after thinking it all over & being the sorest I have in years from that 15-mile ride - I decided that it probably had a lot to do with where I was on Farah's back - further back than I'm used to.  The seat certainly had more rise, I'm used to something flatter.
First time~
 I was struggling - but thought that with more rides, I would get used to the feel.  I didn't - my legs were more on Farah's barrel, rather than in the riders groove.  I was struggling when we galloped & her gallop was much slower than usual - I think she could feel my discomfort.  As I told  Chloe, I'm going to move on for now - but may be back!  It's hard to walk away from such a superior product & customer service!

Laying awake that night - my mind went for whatever reason - to Stonewall Saddles...  I've looked at them off & on for years.  There was always a saddle that seemed more appealing to me, maybe fancier, prettier, or more "Western".  But the riding quality that I found in Linda's McClintock has changed my views about pretty!
Stonewall Classic
Friday morning I called & spoke to Jackie.  I was very upfront with my wants & needs...  At this point there's just no other way to be.  Years ago I had ordered the boomerang fitting angles.  I dug them out of the drawer & tried them on Farah, who measured a medium tree.
Medium works~
 I tried one under Linda's McClintock - no surprise - it measures a narrow tree ...  Only the supracore is keeping us on the trail.  To think that Farah has gone all these miles in a too small saddle is like thinking of running in too small shoes...  I know she has dramatically muscled up since I first tried the boomerangs on her when she arrived & measured narrow through the wither.
Stonewall Sport
Jackie has a older Classic saddle, medium tree, 14" seat that she's now refurbishing for us.  I had to purchase it - if I order a custom saddle, those funds will be applied.  Jackie pushed it to the front of the line in the shop & I hope to get it in the next couple weeks.  From our talk, I have to hope that it's pretty darn close to what I've been hunting for.  If & I say if it works for us - I can lease it for $60. a month until a custom one can be made.  Pretty reasonable all round.

I like having the pommel, the flatter seat, dropped rigging, fenders & room for my back saddle bag.  It will be easy to outfit it with the packs that I've been using on Linda's.  I'd taken Linda's saddle back to her - so on Fri. we went to lunch & I picked it up yet again :-)  It might be jinxing my luck - taking it back twice now - both times thinking that the other saddles would work!    Now, I've told her that she's NOT getting it back!  (Maybe that will help!)

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