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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Amazing Day in the USA

Flag flying at Glacier View Nursery
To Darrington we go - to do a project at our youngest daughter's home.  It was just a perfect day for what is a beautiful drive east of Arlington.  While Butch was "working" we drove to what has become my favorite nursery.
New buildings!
 We weren't disappointed, two new little buildings & what is becoming the usual selection of unique & healthy bedding plants.  With prices what they are this season, I'd cut back on my flower purchases, but still couldn't resist buying a few that I knew I couldn't do without :-)
Thimbleberry Bloom
 Before heading home, Butch & I took the walk out to the river to see how it had changed & how much water was flowing.  On the way, the woods were punctuated with the beauty of the white fresh blooms of the Thimbleberry.  
 The Sauk~
Once at the bank of the Sauk, the river was down from it's early Spring high levels, but there was still a lot of water & strong current.  It's changed so much since the kids first purchased their property, will be interesting to see if at mid-summer we'll be able to cross over to the delta.

Beautiful way to spend another sunshine Sat. in May!

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