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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Farah gets out!

Trails vs. Roads~
Finally!  Farah gets the "OK" for a trail ride!  I hadn't had her out since the 24th of March - after which - her leg was worse.  It's dry enough now, that there were only a couple of times we had to turn back & take a slightly different path to stay out of water or mud.   Garmin Stats.
Farah's ears West
 The day got hot - at least well hot enough for me!  Up to probably 80 in the sun, but when the breeze came up off the water it helped.  I'd forgotten - again - how wonderful a good walk is!  We walked the entire loop, had a couple good climbs - & Farah let me know when she needed to take a short rest.  She's a tough girl & after a few breaths - started again without urging.  When she got excited - thinking Count was going to "leave" her.... I put her in front & boy did she walk-out!  Such a big, swinging stride!  A little disappointed when we reached the trailer parking & her trailer wasn't there, but she lead the rest of the way back!   Next time I'll use the running martingale, hopefully it will help with her excessive head tossing.  She does not like being rated - but otherwise could not have been better!  Now... fingers crossed that the leg doesn't "relapse"!
Toward Mt. Washington~
I decided to have my saddle shipped home from the Horse Saddle Shop.  After over a year without any bites, I think it's worth trying on Farah.  If it works, so much the better - at least for a while.  Linda reminded me that one of our Competitive Trail Judges used to say that it took;  "Three saddles from fat to fit."  Looking forward to getting it back & trying it out.


Always Welcome~