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Monday, May 28, 2012

Google Blogger Disaster...

Update:  12/10/13
As of today - all the photos have been replaced in the blog!  It's taken me over a year to complete!
Butch at Norpoint
OK...  Here's what happened...  I traded in my old phone for a new one!  My two-year contract was finally up!   Was so excited!  The new one is faster & has a reputation for holding onto connections!  No dropped calls!  While at the AT&T store, the service person did a really nice job of changing out my sim cards etc.  Then she asked if I wanted her to "sync" my Google account.  "Sure" I replied!  She did that, filled out a ton of paperwork - I traded in my old phone for $80. & left with my nice new one.  

Today, I looked to see if all my screen saver photos had downloaded to my phone's "gallery".  They hadn't... neither had the photos that I kept on there of the grand-kids, horses, dogs etc.  But!  It's a BIG BUT...  here were 522 photos from my blog!  Hummm... not thinking - not much anyway - I thought why do I need to have all those photos on my phone???  Couldn't think of a single reason - so DELETED them with one key stroke!

Later in the morning, I went on-line - to my blog...  Guess what I found???  I think you probably KNOW by now what I found...  As it's the same thing YOU found when you checked out the blog today...  NO PHOTOS!  None AT ALL!  ALL gone!

Disaster for me - anyway - since the pictures are what I enjoy about blogging!  I went to my Picasa Web Albums & yes - you are correct - they were gone from there too!  I looked everywhere for a restore... but NO - No restore anywhere for the pictures - or for the blog...  The "back-up" key didn't do anything at all - so no idea what that's about. 

Was so darn mad about the whole thing!  Butch & I planned to take the guns & head for the Norpoint Shooting & Tactical Training Center today in Arlington.  They have a price break for women on Monday's & offered a half-off special for Veterans today - what a deal.  Believe me - I was ready to do some shooting!  Too bad they didn't have a target with the Google Blogger logo! 

I had downloaded the first year to a web-site that will turn it into a book - so have that much intact - but now I'm faced either with saying to heck with blogging - starting on from here - or trying to remember & restore all the photos.  Thankfully I do have two external hard drives that I use as back-up!  Don't know what I'll do yet, just take a step at a time I guess & start with my background photo & go from there!

Stayed tuned - even if it's pretty darn boring without the color!


  1. Ack. I feel your pain!

    But, tell me more about the website that turns blogs into a book??? Interested....

  2. Oh no! I'm so sorry. I really enjoyed all of the pictures you had on here:( But, will look forward to the "recreation"

    Looks like a fun day at the range, I sure wish we had a good one around here- I bought a new Ruger 10/22 Takedown almost a month ago and haven't even been able to really try it out yet! All the places we used to shoot are now full of houses now.

    1. You gave me a badly needed laugh! We have the same taste in cucumbers & guns! Wonder what that means??? :-) The "Takedown" sounds nice! Will look it up. The guy at the range is going to make some "improvements" to my S&W 38. More shock absorbing grip, make the cylinder rotate smooth as glass, etc.

  3. Aaaagh tragic!

    When Google is good (gmail, web search) it's very very good. But when it's bad (user interface for all their other products) it's UNSPEAKABLY BAD.

  4. Thanks Funder - it has been... then - google has the design element for downloading your own full-size photo screwed up too - as you can see. I've made some changes to my tab pages, then going to start from most current & head backwards... doubt I'll remember All - the photos, but maybe in a l o n g while it will be back...


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