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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day~

What a day it's been!  We Mother's must be doing something right here in Western Washington - to get such a day on our special day!  Was so great to be invited to eldest daughter's home in Duvall for a wonderful mid-morning brunch with the other grandparents & our son-in-laws sister, brother etc.    Food was outstanding!  But the best part of the day was spending time with two of our grand-kids!  Both had grown at least a foot from the last time we'd seen them!

On the way home, we stopped by Machias Nursery & bought a couple of my favorite lemon cucumber plants!  Sitting on the counter was a cute little plant - Stevia!  When we ate a leaf, it was like tasting sugar - only better!  It came home with us!  Can't wait to try it in my Market Spice Tea!

Tomorrow, I'm finally going to hit the trails again.  New shoes on both mares - finally!  I'd taken a couple weeks "off" just because I could!  Khari is as fit as a fiddle, loves cruising around the yard - no idea how silly she looks in her fly mask!  I visited Farah at Dean's farm last week, to find her enjoying herself in her private paddock - doing what all horses love to do... EAT!
Farah in dark gold~
With her hind leg 90+ percent healed, it's time to get her out & work off some of the excess of energy that she's stored up the last few months!  Oh Boy! :-)


  1. Happy Mother's Day!

    Now your going to laugh, because I have, in my kitchen window, 6 little pots with Lemon Cucumber sprouts in them.

    I LOVE those cucumbers so much that my Dad sent me seeds all the way from Arkansas to I could attempt to grow me some.

    Except that I can't grow anything! Seriously, not even Pumpkins. Time will tell.

  2. If I get to Bare Bones & if they're ripe, will bring you some! Ask your Dad how big he lets them get?


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